Photo from the Duren H. Ward Collection in the Iowa State Historical Society. Ward visited the Meskwaki Settlement in the summer of 1905. He took formal portraits but also copied older photos of members of the tribe. Credit: State Historical Society of Iowa

An estimated 17 different Native American tribes have lived in Iowa, according to Iowa’s Official Register, a 2011 document by the State Library of Iowa.

How familiar are you with the history surrounding the tribes that lived in Iowa?

[quiz key=”1CxIrkzmflI9Wk0UhZtJ-83pb_-0Is5rcUoi8hWSoDtA” answerstyle=”bullets” byline=”Quiz By: Christina Rueth/IowaWatch” source=”‘History of Iowa,’ by Dorothy Schwieder, Iowa Official Register, 2011; ‘Black Hawk: a reassessment,’ by John E. Hallwas, State Historical Society of Iowa; ‘History of the Black Hawk Trail,’ Iowa Department of Transportation; ‘American Indians in Iowa,’ Native Languages webpage; ‘History of Sioux County,’ Sioux County webpage; ‘Iowa Indian Tribes,’ Access Genealogy; ‘The Black Hawk War begins,’ History webpage; ‘People for the Land: Native Americans in Iowa,’ University of Northern Iowa; ‘The Black Hawk War’; ‘The Making of Iowa,’ Chapter III, the Iowa History Project; ‘Tracing the treaties: How they affected American Indians and Iowa,’ by Bill Sherman, Iowa History Journal; ‘The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa,’ by David Hudson, etc.; Meskwaki Nation webpage; ‘Settlement Sovereignty: Land and Meskwaki Self-Governance, 1856-1937,’ by Eric S. Zimmer, The University of Iowa Department of History; ‘Sauk and Fox History,’ Tolatsga webpage; ‘Native Americans in Iowa: 2015,’ State Data Center of Iowa.”]

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