The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism-IowaWatch is offering copies of the photojournalism book “Juxtapositions” to those who donate $75 or more to IowaWatch.

Retired University of Iowa professor and book publisher Judy Polumbaum of Iowa City donated the books. “Juxtaposition” is a compilation of journalistic photography produced by her father, Ted Polumbaum. Polumbaum did important photojournalism covering international affairs and politics but also the personal side of people’s lives. He was blacklisted for refusing to cooperate with an inquisitorial congressional committee in the early 1950’s.

“My father Ted Polumbaum left a great photographic legacy that captures our shared humanity and keeps our shared human history alive. I want to extend the sharing as widely as possible, and am happy that generous supporters of IowaWatch can be part of this expanding circle,” Judy Polumbaum said.

“We certainly appreciate Judy’s donation,” Lyle Muller, executive director and editor of the Iowa center said. “She has been a great supporter of IowaWatch dating to her days as a member of our first board of directors. Moreover, we hope people are able to see these amazing photographs her father took during his illustrious career. Ted Polumbaum did important work. Judy’s devotion to bringing that work to new audiences is a benefit to us all.”

Judy Polumbaum

Judy Polumbaum was a member of the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism-IowaWatch board of directors from the center’s February 2010 founding through 2015. She is a professor emeritus from the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The Iowa Center for Public Affair Journalism is an independent, non-partisan journalistic program dedicated to producing and encouraging explanatory and investigative journalism in Iowa, engaging in collaborative reporting efforts with Iowa news organizations and training journalism students to do this work at a high, ethical level.

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