Ag Alerts: Online grocery shopping with SNAP; Tyson sues USDA; Walmart raises prices

A roundup of news, reports and research on agribusiness and related

SNAP participants will soon have the
ability to buy food online. | Modern Farmer

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
Program (SNAP) participants will soon have the ability to use SNAP benefits to
purchase online groceries. The program will start in New York and expand to
other states. USDA beefs up efforts to stop the spread of African swine fever. | New Food Economy

The U.S. Department of
Agriculture is elevating their efforts to stop the spread of African swine
fever, an illness spread through an animal’s bodily fluids.

Ag Alerts: Tyson turns to x-ray metal detectors; California bans controversial pesticide; ERS forms a union

A roundup of news, reports and research on agribusiness and related issues. 

Tyson Foods installs x-ray and metal detection machines to fix their contamination problem. |

Tyson Foods faced almost 12 million pound of chicken strips. In effect are plans to utilize metal detectors and x-ray machines to fix future metal contamination in company products. California bans the pesticide, chlorpyrifos. | The Guardian

The Trump Administration has reversed an Obama administration decision to ban a pesticide that is known to cause health issues.

Join us for dinner and a movie; we want your questions

The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting is hosting its first Dinner and Docs event on June 18. It will be an evening of dinner, a documentary and discussion around U.S. chicken production. The event will also highlight how the media covers issues of food and farming.

California jury rules $2 billion verdict against weedkiller Roundup

A California jury made an unprecedented $2.055 billion ruling in favor of a married couple who claimed a pesticide made by agrichemical company formerly known as Monsanto caused their cancer. Alva and Alberta Pilliod filed the case on Aug. 14, 2017, against Monsanto alleging the repeated use of the pesticide Roundup and its key ingredient glyphosate since the 1970s caused their non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The Livermore, Calif. couple were awarded $1 billion each in punitive damages and $55,206,000 in compensatory damages, the Associated Press reported.

Opinion: The NCBA needs to lighten up when it comes to cell-based technology

Enter the National Cattlemen's Beef
Association and the highly anticipated joint agreement between the Food and Drug Administration and United States Agriculture Department over oversight of
cell-based meat technology.

The deal – released last month – calls for FDA and USDA to each do what they do best. FDA will regulate cell collection, cell banks, and differentiation.