‘Ag-gag’ laws on the rise

State legislators throughout the country are passing laws aimed to protect farmers from individuals who use hidden cameras to record images without consent. Recently, Idaho became the first state to have both a modern-day farm protection law and an agriculture disparagement, or “veggie libel,” law.

Sunshine Week on the Farm

In the spirit of Sunshine Week, the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting looked at the laws in place or under consideration that impact reporting on the agriculture industry. A Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting analysis found that there are nearly 40 laws now under consideration - more than double from the 16 laws that are in place today.

Drone laws impact media coverage of agriculture industry

The latest salvo in the agriculture industry’s fight against media coverage has been fired at the use of drones. The drones are now being used and considered for use by law enforcement, precision agriculture and by journalists, but those worried about overall privacy are questioning the widespread use of drones.