Where Our Stories Appear

Our work at the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting is often republished, referenced or cited throughout a variety of news outlets and organizations.

Here's a list of publications that have used or cited our Center's content:

Ag Daily
Atlanta-Journal Constitution
Austin American-Statesman
Des Moines Register
Eco Watch
Farm Journal
Harvest Public Media
Illinois Public Media
Illinois Newsroom
In These Times
Indiana Farm Bureau
Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism
Iowa Public Radio
Midwest Energy News
Modern Farmer
Mother Jones
Northwest Signal
Oklahoma Watch
Organic Consumer's Association
Rantoul Press
SF Gate (website of SF Chronicle)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Successful Farming
Telegraph Herald
The Clay Center Dispatch
The Herald-News
The Herald & Review
The Investigative Fund
The New Food Economy
The News-Gazette
The Street
U.S. News
Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting