An unidentified Vietnamese woman and child in the crowd of Vietnamese refugees Iowa recruited and welcomed to the state, in this 1975 photo from Des Moines. Credit: State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City

Refugee assistance in Iowa is not the same as it was 40 years ago, a new IowaWatch story in August reported.

Iowans helping refugees from other countries, but especially Burma in the last few years, say the state isn’t doing enough.

“Unfortunately, these are complicated issues and there is not really an easy answer to it,” Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad said in an IowaWatch interview. He also said in the interview more help is needed from the federal government but that Iowa does not have resources to expand its response to an influx of refugees into the state.

This podcast of an IowaWatch Connection report on this matter includes comments from Iowans helping refugees who come into the state and from the governor.

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