Our Awards

Our Sept. 30, 2021, story by Madison McVan received an honorable mention in the Investigative category, small division, in the SABEW Best in Business awards.

Our "Big Ag" collaboration with Harvest Public Media, published in November 2021, placed third at the North American Agricultural Journalists Writing Contest, in the Special Projects division.

Our November 11, 2020 story by Sky Chadde, Investigate Midwest, with Rachel Axon, Kyle Bagenstose and Kevin Crowe, USA TODAY, won first place in the News category of the 2021 North American Agricultural Journalists Writing Contest and Outstanding Occupational Safety and Health News Story of the Year Award from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).

The overall series on meatpacking and COVID-19 also won a SABEW award in the Government category (Rachel Axon, Kyle Bagenstose, Sky Chadde and Kevin Crowe,) and was a Semi-Finalist for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting (Sky Chadde, Rachel Axon, Kyle Bagenstose, Kevin Crowe, Erin Mansfield, Frank Hernandez, Doug Caruso, Emily Le Coz, Chris Davis, Pamela Dempsey, and Staffs of the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting and USA TODAY).

This December 4, 2020 story by Johnathan Hettinger also won third place in the News category of the 2021 North American Agricultural Journalists Writing Contest as well as second place in the Ongoing Coverage or Series category. In August of 2021, this series was awarded the Society for Environmental Journalists' Kevin Carmody Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting, Small. It also received an Honorable mention for SEJ's Nina Mason Pulliam Award for Outstanding Environmental Reporting.