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To better understand farmworkers’ housing conditions, Investigate Midwest is obtaining inspections from dozens of states. View our map of housing inspections — including violations inspectors noted — and read our coverage.

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Las deficientes salvaguardias normativas dejan a los trabajadores agrícolas asfixiados ante el aumento de las olas de calor.

Una quinta parte de las muertes de trabajadores relacionadas con el calor registradas entre el 2017 y 2022 fueron de trabajadores agrícolas, según datos de la OSHA. Académicos, especialistas en salud ocupacional y grupos de defensa llaman la atención sobre el impacto poco reportado del cambio climático en este grupo debido a las olas de calor.

Who owns Iowa farmland? In many cases, it’s not farmers.

The sense Iowa’s agricultural land is both scarce and gaining value has driven the average price to a record-setting $11,400 per acre last year. Now Iowa farmers are bidding not only against neighbors, but out-of-state investors including professional athletes, well-known billionaires and the Mormon Church.

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