The U.S. Capitol in early April 2016. Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch

There was a time when Chuck Grassley simply was known as a senator from Iowa. Now, following the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland, Americans in all 50 states want a piece of the senator.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa
U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa Credit: U.S. Senate photo

Grassley, who is up for re-election in November, remains steadfast about waiting until after the presidential election to hold nomination hearings.

“Chuck Grassley has been a political icon. This episode with the Supreme Court nominee has really taken some of the luster and shine off Chuck Grassley,” David Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and a former Des Moines Register political writer, said

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