March 5, 2017, "Ethical Perspectives on the News" program. Left to right: Leon Tabak, moderator; and Lyle Muller and Taylor Houston, panelists. Credit: Screen shot: Inter-Religious Council of Linn County program

Simply defining populism is a chore. But evaluating whether or not populism is good or bad is a whole other chore.

IowaWatch’s executive director-editor Lyle Muller was part of the weekly “Ethical Perspectives on the News” program that tackled those tasks. The program aired on Sunday, March 5, on the KCRG-TV9 and KCRG 9.1 television stations.

The moderator was Leon Tabak, professor of computer science at Cornell College. Muller and Taylor Houston, assistant professor of sociology at Mount Mercy University, were the panelists.

The Inter-Religious Council of Linn County produces “Ethical Perspectives on the News.”

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