IowaWatch reporters covered a wide range of topics throughout the year, with stories focusing on how law enforcement officials handle their public safety duties to how to deal with health care leading the list of five most-read 2017 IowaWatch stories.

Readers decided which of the more than 80 stories we produced in 2017 at and in our weekly radio program, the IowaWatch Connection were the most intriguing. Google Analytics data revealed the top five most-read from 2017:

“Iowa Sheriffs State Concerns About Handgun Law Impact,” By Krista Johnson

“Controversial Criminal Interrogation Technique Suspected Of Producing False Confessions Under Fire,” by Krista Johnson

Effectiveness Of Sexual Assault Prevention Education For High School Students Questioned,” by Fenna Semken

Credit: Photo by Rachel Mummey, for HuffPost

“Alzheimer’s Tsunami’ Threatens Growing Dementia Care Demand As Medicaid Funding Gets Tighter,” by Cindy Hadish

This story also reached a wide national audience via HuffPost, which selected IowaWatch as its news partner during a 2017 ‘Listen to America’ tour.

Mental Health Issues Growing Among Iowa High School Students,” by Fenna Semken, Clare Rolinger, Sophia Schillinger, Mina Takahashi, Taylor Shelfo, and Stephen J. Berry

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