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“If I’m a farmer and I’ve got AI systems, what’s happening to my data? Is it being used to maximize benefits on the farm for me or is it being used by a company that wants to sell me more stuff?”

There is disturbing news from America’s heartland. A recent report from the American Farm Bureau Federation says the number of farms filing for bankruptcy is up 24% from the previous year. It’s the steepest rise seen in years.

The plan is to help agricultural workers move from cruel forms of production to kind ones. And the effort comes amid mounting evidence that the poultry-farming system has become torturous not just for the birds involved, but the people.

Not good news for the dairy farmers. After Dean announced it had filed for bankruptcy, Dairy Farmers of America said it was in “advanced discussions” on an acquisition. A merger would all but guarantee lower income for farmers.

In farm country, mental health experts say they’re seeing more suicides as families endure the worst period for U.S. agriculture in decades. Farm bankruptcies and loan delinquencies are rising, calamitous weather events are ruining crops, and profits are vanishing during Trump’s global trade disputes.

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