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Relief payments distributed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Health Resources and Services Administration have gone to the following Iowa health care providers, as of June 18, 2020. The funds come via two 2020 laws — the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act — during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These data show updates from databases IowaWatch published May 19, 2020, and June 3, 2020. This database expands from the previous ones and shows all health care provider distributions in Iowa. The previous two databases showed only hospital disbursements.

In some instances, one health care provider’s distribution might be part of a larger payment given to a corporation to which that recipient belongs.


These payments were from the Health and Human Services’ General Distribution, High Impact Targeted Allocation and/or the Rural Targeted Allocation of the Provider Relief Fund. They were made to facilities that attested to receiving one or more payments and agreed to terms and conditions for the funds as of June 18, 2020, HHS states with its database.

City Of AckleyACKLEY$3,265
Kurt SperfslageACKLEY$2,327
Presbyterian VillageACKLEY$286,334
Adel Healthmart IncADEL$3,118
Adel Vision ClinicADEL$305
Core Physical Therapy IncADEL$38,298
Dallas County IowaADEL$23,255
Dr Charles R Varcoe Od PcADEL$1,177
Herrons Holdings LlcADEL$753
Luellen Chiropractic, LlcADEL$1,450
Maximum Physical Therapy, LlcADEL$4,210
Akron Care Center, Inc.AKRON$225,027
City Of AkronAKRON$2,324
Impact Physical Therapy And Wellness LlcAKRON$4,804
Thorson Drug IncAKRON$2,040
Albert City Improvement CorpALBERT CITY$203,264
Monroe Care Center IncALBIA$269,672
Monroe County HospitalALBIA$3,992,382
Sarver Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.ALBIA$3,332
Algona Manor Care Center, IncALGONA$269,110
City Of AlgonaALGONA$20,893
David JensonALGONA$2,872
Geving Chiropractic P.C.ALGONA$1,147
John C. Kortenber Optometry PcALGONA$12,443
Kossuth Regional Health CenterALGONA$4,620,486
Kyle WehrspanALGONA$2,692
Mary HansonALGONA$634
Steven MuellerALGONA$13,656
Taffe Health SolutionsALGONA$2,301
Walker Chiropractic & Wellness PcALGONA$7,315
County Of ButlerALLISON$14,144
Town Of AltonALTON$417
Ccrc Of Altoona LlcALTOONA$277,608
City Of AltoonaALTOONA$11,876
Kevin EichelbergerALTOONA$1,183
Marcus DawsonALTOONA$1,761
Suntken Family Chiropractic LlcALTOONA$1,089
Terin StanfleyALTOONA$119
Theresa CrispinALTOONA$40
Vernon Family Chiropractic PlcALTOONA$1,574
Amana Family Practice Clinic, PcAMANA$16,912
Amana SocietyAMANA$454
Colonial Manor Of Amana IncAMANA$78,902
Essence Of Life LlcAMANA$114,672
Uthoff Family Chiropractic PcAMANA$2,021
Amy KuehlAMES$644
Anne Mccrea Lisw IncAMES$1,640
Back In Action Chiropractic LlcAMES$1,430
Bridges Chiropractic Clinic Dc PcAMES$2,054
Ccrc Of Ames LlcAMES$300,481
Choice Medical, LlcAMES$8,332
Compass Tree LlcAMES$2,455
Cyclone Healthcare Inc.AMES$1,460
Davis Chiropractic Services IncAMES$1,419
Deena Cavender Lisw IncAMES$1,307
Five Oaks Chiropractic LlcAMES$569
Grand Care LlcAMES$432,487
Green Hills Health Care Center, IncAMES$133,719
Healthy Lifestyles Chiropractic LlcAMES$740
Heartland Mental Health Therapy LlcAMES$856
Illuminations, Inc.AMES$1,538
Iowa Family Chiropractic Ames PcAMES$61
Jocelyn WilsonAMES$253
John E Kruger, O.D., P.C.AMES$37,666
Kimberly J HarmonAMES$7,023
Linda FeldmanAMES$940
Mary Greeley Medical CenterAMES$3,792,303
Mcfarland Clinic, PcAMES$4,732,636
Platinum Chiropractic IncAMES$560
Rebarcak Chiropractic PlcAMES$2,887
Rise Chiropractic LlcAMES$121
Warren H. Phillips, Iii, Phd PcAMES$7,607
Anamosa Area Ambulance ServiceANAMOSA$13,065
Anamosa Nursing Home Company LlcANAMOSA$85,729
City Of OlinANAMOSA$733
Marc DuncanANAMOSA$2,456
St Luke’S Jones Regional Medical CenterANAMOSA$692,689
Wapsi Chiropractic IncANAMOSA$1,766
Wapsi Physical Therapy IncANAMOSA$5,947
Andover Ambulance ServiceANDOVER$500
Caring Acres LlcANITA$199,952
Ankeny Healthcare Enterprises, LlcANKENY$126,238
Ankeny Medical Park Surgery Center LcANKENY$16,180
Arbor Vitae P.C.ANKENY$584
Arc Iowa Pt Plus LlcANKENY$3,980
Birchwood WellnessANKENY$1,437
Bloyer Chiropractic And WellnessANKENY$1,322
City Of AnkenyANKENY$35,358
Cnr Development LlcANKENY$6,348
Designed 2 Move LlcANKENY$473
Donovan SalgadoANKENY$33
Evolutionz IncANKENY$428
Family Wellness Chiropractic PllcANKENY$338
Foot And Ankle Center Of Iowa LlcANKENY$7,217
Freedom Home Health Care, Inc.ANKENY$66,141
Full Heart Family Therapy And Renewal Center LlcANKENY$217
Gregg S Sunner, O.D., P.C.ANKENY$12,379
Grx Holdings, LlcANKENY$37,786
Iowa Chiropractic ClinicANKENY$1,208
Iowa Digestive Disease Center PcANKENY$200,097
Kathleen DoohenANKENY$1,625
Knj Optometry PlcANKENY$680
Ltr LlcANKENY$8,602
Natural Health Chiropractic And Acupuncture LlcANKENY$3,162
Neurotech LlcANKENY$149,359
Nova Integrated Health PcANKENY$14,553
On With Life IncANKENY$346,193
Otto KruegerANKENY$3,881
Pet Co LlcANKENY$43,796
Pietig Family Eyecare PllcANKENY$7,068
Presbyterian Homes Mill Pond IncANKENY$419,617
Renze Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.ANKENY$3,903
Simms Family Chiropractic LlcANKENY$79
Womens Counseling Center IncANKENY$237
Andrew AscherlAPLINGTON$2,045
Town Of AplingtonAPLINGTON$2,727
City Of ArlingtonARLINGTON$200
Healthsource Of Armstrong, PcARMSTRONG$2,274
Oleson Chiropractic IncARMSTRONG$4,933
Paul Chiropractic, LlcARMSTRONG$380
Asbury Community Fire DepartmentASBURY$3,908
Asbury Counseling And Evaluation Services, LlcASBURY$793
Stackis Chiropractic Inc.ASBURY$748
Cass County Memorial HospitalATLANTIC$5,330,102
Dr. Robert H. Sharp, P.C..ATLANTIC$55,303
Kite Family Chiropractic PlcATLANTIC$3,840
Medivac CorpATLANTIC$50,649
Midwest Health Center, PcATLANTIC$6,844
Rex Pharmacy IncATLANTIC$3,683
Audubon County Memorial HospitalAUDUBON$3,707,771
Douglas OlsenAUDUBON$4,532
Friendship Home AssociationAUDUBON$274,071
Accura Healthcare Of Aurelia LlcAURELIA$193,994
Avoca Volunteer Fire DeptAVOCA$1,171
Accura Healthcare Of Bancroft LlcBANCROFT$172,793
Merle TiggesBANCROFT$3,308
Baxter Rural Fire And Rescue DeptBAXTER$457
Central Iowa Chiropractic, LlcBAXTER$114
Bedford DrugBEDFORD$1,024
Belle Plaine Area Ambulance Service IncBELLE PLAINE$6,157
Bellevue Pharmacy IncBELLEVUE$420
Riverview Chiropractic IncBELLEVUE$1,670
Riverview Development CorporationBELLEVUE$82,931
Town Of BellevueBELLEVUE$6,087
Vision Health Center, P.C.BELLEVUE$8,857
Arnold Family ChiropracticBELMOND$2,604
Bloemke PharmacyBELMOND$2,044
Drs. Snively And Gildner P.C.BELMOND$9,337
Perry ParksBELMOND$1,776
Erin NorbyBENNETT$944
Bernard Rescue Unit IncBERNARD$536
A Better Life Chiropractic And Wellness PllcBETTENDORF$943
Absolute Balance Chiropractic P.C.BETTENDORF$2,218
Abundant Health Chiropractic PlcBETTENDORF$167
Amicare Pharmacy IncBETTENDORF$27,000
Angela MartinBETTENDORF$22
Arndt Chiropractic Center IncBETTENDORF$4,370
Back 2 Action Physical Therapy LlcBETTENDORF$2,663
Bettendorf Pediatric GroupBETTENDORF$9,839
Board Of Trustees Grand Charity Funds Iowa Masonic Nursing HomeBETTENDORF$372,015
Campion Chiropractic PcBETTENDORF$948
Cardiac Surgery Associates ScBETTENDORF$341,199
Cardiovascular Medicine PcBETTENDORF$1,070,092
Carters Counseling Services PlcBETTENDORF$13
Cj Saha Anesthesia PllcBETTENDORF$3,409
Crow Valley Chiropractic, P.C.BETTENDORF$5,003
David ChavezBETTENDORF$111
Eastern Iowa Dermatology PlcBETTENDORF$82,564
Endocrine Associates Of The Quad Cities ScBETTENDORF$56,835
Enhance Your Health ChiropracticBETTENDORF$642
Eye Surgeons Associates PcBETTENDORF$747,959
Family Counseling & Psychology Center PcBETTENDORF$4,290
Farida RajputBETTENDORF$37,520
Forever Me, LlcBETTENDORF$5,648
Gary PribbleBETTENDORF$518
Gbank Health LlcBETTENDORF$55,000
Gengastro LlcBETTENDORF$81,114
Genortho LlcBETTENDORF$295,653
J H Shields Md PcBETTENDORF$4,866
Jaclyn ButterbrodtBETTENDORF$328
Jeffrey Senasu PllcBETTENDORF$4,075
John C Hendricks Md ScBETTENDORF$2,266
John StaderBETTENDORF$156
Kenneth R Krayenhagen Dc PcBETTENDORF$120
Kidney Care Quad Cities LlcBETTENDORF$32,772
Maratin Md LlcBETTENDORF$3,238
Mary Francis M Nuguid Md PcBETTENDORF$3,631
Matthew MccartBETTENDORF$502
Midway Chiropractic LlcBETTENDORF$2,604
Nelson Chiropractic Systems PcBETTENDORF$3,262
New Life Chiropractic Clinic, LlcBETTENDORF$4,000
Quad Cities Chiropractic Center LlcBETTENDORF$1,675
Quad Cities Counseling, PllcBETTENDORF$519
Rheumatology Associates, PcBETTENDORF$233,351
Robin AndersonBETTENDORF$491
Shipman Chiropractic PcBETTENDORF$1,911
Shoemaker Chiropractic P.C.BETTENDORF$828
Tangled Roots Wellness Grove LlcBETTENDORF$1,850
Tarikere Lp Kumar IncorporatedBETTENDORF$4,689
Vascular Surgery AssociatesBETTENDORF$21,509
Victor J Barney Md PcBETTENDORF$3,351
Waterford Family Medicine PcBETTENDORF$7,736
William Burke LtdBETTENDORF$23,963
City Of BlairstownBLAIRSTOWN$2,777
Bloomfield AnesthetistsBLOOMFIELD$7,169
Davis County HospitalBLOOMFIELD$4,162,340
Distaff Professionals, LlcBLOOMFIELD$5,257
Fetcho Family Chiropractic LlcBLOOMFIELD$1,735
Paula S. Gordy Lisw, LlcBLOOMFIELD$2,150
Rupp Prohealth Chiropractic LlcBLOOMFIELD$313
Speer Family Chiropractic LlcBLOOMFIELD$97
Thomas JuhlBLOOMFIELD$1,168
Wells Bros Pharmacy Services LlcBLOOMFIELD$35,000
Balance & Motion Wellness Clinic LlcBLUE GRASS$620
Medic EmsBLUE GRASS$232,483
Signature Chiropractic LlcBLUE GRASS$1,661
Susan DuncanBLUE GRASS$481
Amanda GerberBONAPARTE$156
Bondurant Family Chiropractic PcBONDURANT$783
Bondurant Physical Therapy LlcBONDURANT$1,746
Chiropractic Associates, LlcBONDURANT$1,523
Boone County Family Medicine TrBOONE$36,312
Boone County HospitalBOONE$4,845,060
Boone Vision Center LlcBOONE$10,408
Dale ThompsonBOONE$1,687
Eastern Star Masonic HomeBOONE$399,955
Khan Chiropractic PllcBOONE$2,237
Kinne Family Pharmacy IncBOONE$4,821
Raphael MontagBOONE$1,038
Renee MontagBOONE$274
Weisbrod Chiropractic PcBOONE$5,165
Westhaven Community A Ministry Of The Evangelical Free ChurchBOONE$452,820
Donald W Furman PcBRITT$30,163
Douglas SandeBRITT$1,448
Hancock County Health SystemBRITT$4,220,787
Victory Chiropractic PllcBRITT$509
Brooklyn Chiropractic Center PcBROOKLYN$408
Brooklyn Community Estate, Inc.BROOKLYN$265,174
James PaulsonBROOKLYN$15,018
Town Of BrooklynBROOKLYN$2,651
Docside Chiropractic LlcBUFFALO$2,300
Jerome WiedemeierBUFFALO CENTER$1,046
North Iowa Physical Therapy LlcBUFFALO CENTER$6,365
Timely Mission Nursing HomeBUFFALO CENTER$47,416
Advanced Home Health CareBURLINGTON$76,860
Bradley WeyersBURLINGTON$4,202
Burlington Family Eyecare PcBURLINGTON$3,528
City Of BurlingtonBURLINGTON$42,217
Coppes Chiropractic PcBURLINGTON$7,463
County Of Des MoinesBURLINGTON$19,260
David McmanisBURLINGTON$1,503
Debbie Mosley NelsonBURLINGTON$2,064
First Medical Equipment, Inc.BURLINGTON$15,788
Heritage Medical Equipment And Supplies IncBURLINGTON$57,741
Mary Schilling Mcmanis, Dds IncBURLINGTON$413
Miller Chiropractic Clinic PcBURLINGTON$4,113
Minard Chiropractic IncorporatedBURLINGTON$2,181
Nurse At HomeBURLINGTON$18,931
Ryan HatcherBURLINGTON$188
Sliwinski Family EyecareBURLINGTON$6,147
Southeast Iowa Orthopedics & Sports Medicine PcBURLINGTON$27,717
The Views Operator C LlcBURLINGTON$117,470
City Of BusseyBUSSEY$542
City Of CamancheCAMANCHE$6,391
Carlisle Chiropractic Clinic, PcCARLISLE$1,055
City Of CarlisleCARLISLE$3,310
Adaptive Audiology Solutions PcCARROLL$395
Bestmed Respiratory IncCARROLL$16,926
Carroll Apothecary, IncCARROLL$54,097
Carroll Area Nursing Service, Inc.CARROLL$102,705
Carroll Eye Care Associates PcCARROLL$15,323
Carroll Eye Clinic PcCARROLL$20,115
Christensen Chiropractic Clinic PcCARROLL$1,332
Family & Specialty Medical Center PcCARROLL$13,067
Integrity Physical Therapy And WellnessCARROLL$8,626
Jedd HagenCARROLL$3,805
Juergens Chiropractic & Acupuncture PllcCARROLL$665
Lease Eye Md PcCARROLL$23,585
Lincoln Highway Pharmacy IncCARROLL$1,873
Next Generation Chiropractic PllcCARROLL$902
Pudenz Family Chiropractic ClinicCARROLL$11,652
Soppe Chiropractic Clinic, IncCARROLL$11,820
St Anthony Regional Hospital And Nursing HomeCARROLL$11,457,329
Wellendorf Ent, P.C.CARROLL$30,390
City Of CarsonCARSON$1,635
Grant Street Chiropractic PcCASCADE$1,087
Merritt Family Chiropractic, P.C.CASCADE$1,576
Podiatry Specialists Of Iowa PcCASCADE$12,393
Shady Rest, Inc.CASCADE$239,466
Guthrie Family Medicine Center PlcCASEY$22,815
Agape Therapy Clinic PcCEDAR FALLS$20,322
Align Chiropractic & Wellness Inc.CEDAR FALLS$251
Anthony D Bailey Od PcCEDAR FALLS$1,956
Cedar Falls Lutheran HomeCEDAR FALLS$637,013
Derrick J. Benner, IncCEDAR FALLS$820
Family Medicine Of Cedar Valley, PcCEDAR FALLS$6,194
Jennifer RasmussenCEDAR FALLS$697
Joyce RikerCEDAR FALLS$434
Knutson Chiropractic Clinic PcCEDAR FALLS$3,606
L & B Pharmacy IncCEDAR FALLS$1,501
Martin Health Center, Inc.CEDAR FALLS$824,533
Michele Green Dc PcCEDAR FALLS$4,666
Premier Estates 511 LlcCEDAR FALLS$92,326
Rachael JorgensenCEDAR FALLS$187
Schofield Chiropractic PcCEDAR FALLS$7,404
Talk To Me Technologies LlcCEDAR FALLS$79,316
Wayson Family Chiropractic PcCEDAR FALLS$1,817
Abbe Center For Community Mental Health IncCEDAR RAPIDS$34,460
Advanced Spine And Rehab Center PcCEDAR RAPIDS$27,665
Allergy-Asthma Clinic PcCEDAR RAPIDS$5,855
Amenity Healthcare, Inc.CEDAR RAPIDS$653,670
Augustin Eye Care PlcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,187
Bradley C Parsons Od PcCEDAR RAPIDS$4,648
Bradley Family Chiropractic PcCEDAR RAPIDS$4,446
Brittany SkaggsCEDAR RAPIDS$668
Broghammer Family Chiropractic IncCEDAR RAPIDS$1,513
C.R. Iv Service, Inc.CEDAR RAPIDS$45,924
Cedar Centre Psychiatric GroupCEDAR RAPIDS$66,469
Cedar Rapids Chiropractic LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$374
Cedar Rapids Counseling & Psychotherapy Group LlpCEDAR RAPIDS$703
Cedar Rapids Keys To LivingCEDAR RAPIDS$655
Cedar Rapids Medical Education FoundationCEDAR RAPIDS$7,804
Cedar Rapids Ob-Gyn Specialists, P.C.CEDAR RAPIDS$4,963
Cedar Valley Pathologists PcCEDAR RAPIDS$82,579
Chiropractic Health Care Associates P.C.CEDAR RAPIDS$6,287
Chris A Smith Dc Chiropractic PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,683
Cjk Pharmacy, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$59
Clear Vision Eyecare LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,965
Coldstream Health, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$3,205
College Park NeuropsychologyCEDAR RAPIDS$8,451
Collins Road Chiropractic IncCEDAR RAPIDS$3,143
Comfort Care Medicare, IncCEDAR RAPIDS$100,484
Cottage Grove PlaceCEDAR RAPIDS$407,999
Covenant Family Solutions LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$4
Creative Counseling Group PlcCEDAR RAPIDS$358
Cummings Family Chiropractic PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,992
D Colette Murphy Dc PcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,468
Dennis LagrangeCEDAR RAPIDS$12
Derfus Counseling Services IncCEDAR RAPIDS$576
Dermatology Clinic Of Iowa PcCEDAR RAPIDS$52,245
Drs Heying And Heying PcCEDAR RAPIDS$3,823
Eastern Iowa Health CenterCEDAR RAPIDS$325,657
Edkin Chiropractic PcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,441
Family Foot Care Clinic, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$21,556
Family Medicine Specialists PcCEDAR RAPIDS$13,061
Family Physicians Of Cedar Rapids PcCEDAR RAPIDS$18,611
Family Psychology Associates, P.C.CEDAR RAPIDS$14,411
Fetters Family Eye Care PcCEDAR RAPIDS$4,739
Fox Eye Laser And Cosmetic Institute PcCEDAR RAPIDS$104,909
Fox Eye Surgery LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$21,940
Ghosh Center For Oncology And Hematology LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$214,002
Guardian Pharmacy Of Iowa, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,109
Hawkeye Anesthesia PllcCEDAR RAPIDS$3,022
Iowa Eye PcCEDAR RAPIDS$225,706
Jason S. Pfeifer, O.D., P.C.CEDAR RAPIDS$385
Jenkins Chiropractic And Wellness CenterCEDAR RAPIDS$674
Jill Byrnes LangeCEDAR RAPIDS$3,225
Johanna HarperCEDAR RAPIDS$390
John WollnerCEDAR RAPIDS$21,479
Kahlil AndrewsCEDAR RAPIDS$1,119
Kepros Physical Therapy And Performance PcCEDAR RAPIDS$74,053
Kristen Richardson Arnp, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$456
Lacey HamlettCEDAR RAPIDS$92
Lindsay KenyonCEDAR RAPIDS$397
Linn County Emergency Medicine PcCEDAR RAPIDS$163,003
Lisa FerrettiCEDAR RAPIDS$2,060
Lisa Ferretti Lisw LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,060
Loren J Mouw Md PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,752
Marjan Management Services LtdCEDAR RAPIDS$479,188
Match Play Tennis Centers, Inc.CEDAR RAPIDS$15,712
Medical Laboratories Of Eastern Iowa LcCEDAR RAPIDS$100,998
Mercy Medical CenterCEDAR RAPIDS$13,767,443
Mercy Physician Associates IncCEDAR RAPIDS$413,790
Meth Wick CommunityCEDAR RAPIDS$311,799
Michael C March Phd PllcCEDAR RAPIDS$4,475
Miller Family Eyecare, Inc.CEDAR RAPIDS$44,089
Mind, Body & Spirit Chiropractic, PlcCEDAR RAPIDS$242
Molloy Therapy LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,354
Ob-Gyn Associates PcCEDAR RAPIDS$31,794
Optix Eye Design IncCEDAR RAPIDS$231
Osullivan Family Chiropractic IncCEDAR RAPIDS$720
Peterson Eyecare PcCEDAR RAPIDS$16,581
Physicians’ Clinic Of Iowa, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,181,559
Piper Family Medicine PcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,389
Powell Chiropractic Clinic, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,260
Practice Of Family Medicine, P.C.CEDAR RAPIDS$4,058
Prk Williams IncCEDAR RAPIDS$817
Professional Hearing Services IncCEDAR RAPIDS$312
Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$18,770
Radiation Oncology Of Cedar Rapids PcCEDAR RAPIDS$38,888
Radiology Consultants Of Iowa PlcCEDAR RAPIDS$392,695
Reutzel Pharmacy IncCEDAR RAPIDS$85,000
Robert T Kingus Od PcCEDAR RAPIDS$133
Ronald NelsonCEDAR RAPIDS$1,112
S.T.L. Care CompanyCEDAR RAPIDS$237,572
Sandra H Sublett, Pt, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$4,804
Spinal Corrective Center PcCEDAR RAPIDS$1,894
Stone Creek Senior Partners, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$93,521
The Outpatient Surgery Center Of Cedar Rapids, LlcCEDAR RAPIDS$125,847
The Physical Therapy Center Of Cedar Rapids, PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,063
Therapy Solutions, Inc.CEDAR RAPIDS$58,155
Timber Ridge IncCEDAR RAPIDS$5,958
United Community Services IncCEDAR RAPIDS$3,939
West Ridge Associates IncCEDAR RAPIDS$358,938
William A Christianson Dc PcCEDAR RAPIDS$2,321
Zmoos Chiropractic Center, PlcCEDAR RAPIDS$3,700
Center Point Ambulance Service IncCENTER POINT$4,914
Kelly BonarCENTER POINT$1,179
Caregivers Home Health LlcCENTERVILLE$46,833
Chariton Valley Medical Center PcCENTERVILLE$15,099
City Of CentervilleCENTERVILLE$17,778
Fresenius Medical Care Cline Dialysis LlcCENTERVILLE$35,336
Golden Age Properties LlcCENTERVILLE$76,348
Heffron Chiropractic Clinic PlcCENTERVILLE$6,409
Mercy Medical Center-CentervilleCENTERVILLE$4,217,129
Southern Iowa Surgical Associates IncCENTERVILLE$7,931
Susan WarnerCENTERVILLE$8,460
Caregivers Of Chariton LlcCHARITON$41,558
David BlongCHARITON$822
Larry HirschyCHARITON$2,880
Lucas County Health CenterCHARITON$3,922,435
Osceola Vision Center PcCHARITON$67,491
Chautauqua Guest Homes Inc.CHARLES CITY$136,865
County Of FloydCHARLES CITY$15,406
Floyd County Memorial Hospital CommissionCHARLES CITY$4,384,711
Floyd County Memorial Hospital CrnaCHARLES CITY$1,890
Floyd County Memorial Hospital SurgeonCHARLES CITY$7,685
Lorne JohnsonCHARLES CITY$1,054
Norma M BreitbachCHARLES CITY$7,824
Optometric Center Of Charles City PcCHARLES CITY$13,653
Slinger Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.CHARLES CITY$666
Tek IncCHARLES CITY$15,856
Val O Lyons Md PcCHARLES CITY$8,865
Value Care IncCHARLES CITY$31,867
Cherokee Care LlcCHEROKEE$241,282
Cherokee Healthcare, Inc.CHEROKEE$55,641
Cmsrx IncCHEROKEE$4,926
Human Services-CherokeeCHEROKEE$59,774
Jackson Recovery Centers IncCHEROKEE$1,476
Kennedy Chiropractic P.C.CHEROKEE$5,077
Ludvigson Chiropractic PllcCHEROKEE$3,658
Mercy Medical ServicesCHEROKEE$354,595
Pathways Centers For Emotional Well-Being, PlcCHEROKEE$1,936
Sioux Valley Memorial Hospital AssociationCHEROKEE$657,718
Thomas M. Irwin Dc PcCHEROKEE$3,252
City Of ClarenceCLARENCE$2,982
Clarence Nursing Home IncCLARENCE$248,290
Bcp Clarinda LlcCLARINDA$314,551
Clarinda Regional Health CenterCLARINDA$4,931,083
Daniel T Lantz OdCLARINDA$7,821
Eyecare Associates Of Southwest Iowa IncCLARINDA$22,213
Herzberg Chiropractic PcCLARINDA$2,832
Melody L Stone Md PaCLARINDA$98,683
Nodaway Family Chiropractic, P.C.CLARINDA$2,355
Pure Health Services LlcCLARINDA$35,154
Pure Rehabilitation LlcCLARINDA$10,229
Waubonsie Mental Health Center IncCLARINDA$11,804
Wendy Mccoy PcCLARINDA$2,336
Belmond Community HospitalCLARION$4,265,781
Central Avenue Healthcare, Inc.CLARION$75,500
City Of ClarionCLARION$4,176
County Of WrightCLARION$27,949
Cramer Chiropractic PcCLARION$716
Iowa Specialty Hospital-ClarionCLARION$5,231,177
City Of ClarksvilleCLARKSVILLE$2,954
Community Nursing Home IncCLARKSVILLE$214,051
Living Motion Chiropractic LlcCLARKSVILLE$842
Opportunity Therapy LlcCLARKSVILLE$12,327
City Of Clear Lake City ClerkCLEAR LAKE$12,226
Jeffery AndersonCLEAR LAKE$5,385
Kathleen VoortmannCLEAR LAKE$910
Martinek Physical Therapy PlcCLEAR LAKE$4,021
Optimum Health Chiropractic, PlcCLEAR LAKE$6,679
Todd HocrafferCLEAR LAKE$2,725
Clearview – Routh LpCLEARFIELD$353,455
Dean Family ChiropracticCLERMONT$1,917
Active Chiropractic PcCLINTON$5,319
Ahmed Elahmady PcCLINTON$9,537
Alternative Wellness & Chiropractic Center PcCLINTON$1,163
Anesthesia Associates LlcCLINTON$172
Angela R Gabel Dc PlcCLINTON$1,029
Bart W Leavens PcCLINTON$712
Bridgeview Community Mental Health CenterCLINTON$62,252
C R Pharmacy Service IncCLINTON$193,145
Charles Allison Dpm LlcCLINTON$9,161
Chiropractic Works PcCLINTON$2,030
City Of ClintonCLINTON$29,248
Clinton Back And Neck Family Wellness PcCLINTON$2,600
Clinton Urgent Care PlcCLINTON$512
Connell Family Chiropractic PllcCLINTON$1,027
Cornerstone Wellness Center LlcCLINTON$2,561
Daniel R Blohm Dc PlcCLINTON$1,113
Devoted Cancer Care LlcCLINTON$112
Healing Place, L.L.C.CLINTON$2,169
Integrated Muscle & Spine Chiropractic Clinic IncCLINTON$1,828
Iowa Emergency Services LlcCLINTON$48,909
Laurie L. Callan,Nurse Pracitioner ,LlcCLINTON$1,090
Medical Analgesic Services IncCLINTON$8,459
Mercy Clinton Anesthesia Group, LlcCLINTON$13,994
Mercy Medical Center-Clinton IncCLINTON$7,111,718
Mis Eagle Point LlcCLINTON$384,932
Quality Surgicenter LlcCLINTON$8,898
Randy R Robinson PcCLINTON$14,208
Ruden- Forrest Chiropractic PcCLINTON$3,604
Skyline Center IncCLINTON$445
Steven E Craig DpmCLINTON$21,908
Weland Clinical Laboratories, P.C.CLINTON$86,109
Womens Care Specialists PcCLINTON$2,112
American Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.CLIVE$194,861
Capital Orthopaedics And Sports Medicine PcCLIVE$220,248
Catholic Health Initiatives-Iowa CorpCLIVE$13,841,073
Center For Maximized Living, LlcCLIVE$467
Champion Family Chiropractic LlcCLIVE$155
City Of CliveCLIVE$8,923
Crestview Acres, IncCLIVE$132,458
Dermatology And Dermatologic Surgery Center, PcCLIVE$71,906
Dsm Sleep SpecialistsCLIVE$35,947
Ducharme Dermatology PcCLIVE$26,702
Fawad S. Zafar Md PcCLIVE$8,529
Hassel Family Chiropractic Dc PcCLIVE$2,115
Iowa Ear CenterCLIVE$58,225
Iowa Endoscopy Center IncCLIVE$58,160
Iowa Spine And Disc CenterCLIVE$169
Jennifer Denhartog Od LlcCLIVE$1,745
Justin LuneburgCLIVE$47
Karla HansenCLIVE$769
Kluger Chiropractic Care LlcCLIVE$31
Mercy Clinics IncCLIVE$1,879,824
Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital LlcCLIVE$738,148
Metro Omaha Anesthesia PcCLIVE$790
Oconnor Medical Supply IncCLIVE$6,506
Pure Wellness Chiropractic & AcupunctureCLIVE$2,458
Qhc Winterset North LlcCLIVE$60,387
Shaw Chiropractic And Sports Injury CenterCLIVE$526
Snodgrass Family Eyecare, PllcCLIVE$19,998
Sweers Family Chiropractic PlcCLIVE$195
T K Williams PcCLIVE$2,246
Total Body Chiropractic LlcCLIVE$508
West End Chiropractic LlcCLIVE$87
Town Of ColesburgCOLESBURG$231
Benzer Ia 1 LlcCOLFAX$177
City Of ColfaxCOLFAX$2,403
Colfax Medical And Wellness, LlcCOLFAX$520
Trier Family Chiropractic LlcCOLFAX$389
Colonial Manors Of Columbus Comunity IncCOLUMBUS JUNCTION$217,899
Louisa County AmbulanceCOLUMBUS JUNCTION$8,498
Oakview IncCONRAD$241,814
Coon Rapids PharmacyCOON RAPIDS$134
Lewis Chiropractic PcCOON RAPIDS$3,244
Aaron SchroederCORALVILLE$753
Alli Center LlcCORALVILLE$3,176
Carew Chiropractic IncCORALVILLE$1,610
Cheryl J SchloteCORALVILLE$921
Copeland Eyecare PllcCORALVILLE$3,625
Coral West Dental P.C.CORALVILLE$106
Corridor Radiology LlcCORALVILLE$33,608
Dermatology Associates LlpCORALVILLE$43,698
Dewitt Family Chiropractic PcCORALVILLE$140
Dr Arianne Johnson-Calvopina PlcCORALVILLE$1,239
Hammer IncorporatedCORALVILLE$229,804
Hope Family Chiropractic LcCORALVILLE$654
Iowa Chiropractic And Performance CenterCORALVILLE$318
Iowa Eye Prosthetics IncCORALVILLE$1,950
Jill H ScholzCORALVILLE$21,703
Midwest Physical Therapy, PcCORALVILLE$10,737
Obstetric And Gynecologic Associates Of Iowa City PcCORALVILLE$9,559
Performance Therapies, PcCORALVILLE$62,680
Pulmonary Associates Of Iowa City PcCORALVILLE$6,694
Radiologic Medical Services Pro CorpCORALVILLE$165,930
Roggy Vision Center, PllcCORALVILLE$2,907
State University Of IowaCORALVILLE$34,754,656
Susan G Schmitz, Lisw, IncCORALVILLE$374
Ts Dermatology PllcCORALVILLE$45,557
University Of Iowa Community Medical ServicesCORALVILLE$53,766
Adams County AmbulanceCORNING$8,844
Aspire Behavioral Health Services LlcCORNING$2,104
County Of TaylorCORNING$24,909
City Of CorrectionvilleCORRECTIONVILLE$823
Charles A ClarkCORYDON$6,002
Wayne County HospitalCORYDON$4,315,586
Wayne County TreasuryCORYDON$8,719
Integrated Therapy ResourcesCOUNCIL BLFS$64
Klemke Medical, IncCOUNCIL BLFS$7,431
Advanced Chiropractic Care Inc.COUNCIL BLUFFS$5,130
Advanced Mobile Medicine LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$28,331
All Care Health CenterCOUNCIL BLUFFS$96,809
Amba Consultants IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$12,783
Bethany Lutheran HomeCOUNCIL BLUFFS$213,417
Bluffs Family Chiropractic PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$886
Bluffs Family Health Care PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$31,047
Bluffs Pain Management LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$73,402
CandellaCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,100
Center For Healing And Hope, LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,641
Chiropractic Essence PllcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$463
Christy FisherCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,511
City Of Council BluffsCOUNCIL BLUFFS$33,498
Clear Mind Therapy, LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$418
Council Bluffs Foot & Ankle Care PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$22,994
Cross Therapy Center PllcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$218
Ent Specialists PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$14,038
Family Eyecare Center, Inc.COUNCIL BLUFFS$7,425
Healogics Specialty Physicians Of Iowa LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$5,640
Heartland Family ServiceCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,776
Hopp Physical Therapy IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$21,798
Horizon Therapy Group LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$7,327
Hospice Of Southwest IowaCOUNCIL BLUFFS$76,454
Jennie Edmundson Memorial HospitalCOUNCIL BLUFFS$2,225,940
John M. Ippolito Md, P.CCOUNCIL BLUFFS$6,408
Kakish Md Senior Care PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$10,511
Kakish Schmidt And Partners IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$2,725
Lewis Township Fire And Rescue DepartmentCOUNCIL BLUFFS$4,514
Loess Hills Chiropractic P.C.COUNCIL BLUFFS$2,145
Medical Anesthesia Associates PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$22,708
Midlands Living Center, L.L.P.COUNCIL BLUFFS$428,596
Miller Orthopaedic Affiliates PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$99,664
Mobilis, IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$3,686
Neuro Health PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$492
New Century Physicians Of Iowa PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$37,746
Nlc Partners, L.L.C.COUNCIL BLUFFS$292,837
Oard-Ross Drug IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$180
Open Arms Home Health Care – Council Bluffs, LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,797
Performance In Motion Chiropractic PllcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$901
Prairielands Chiropractic Clinic P.C.COUNCIL BLUFFS$1,044
Pro Care Mental Health IncCOUNCIL BLUFFS$3,149
Pulmonary Infectious Disease Associates PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$19,420
Ridge Family Practice, P.C.COUNCIL BLUFFS$6,672
Risen Son Christian VillageCOUNCIL BLUFFS$184,318
Schanuth Family Chiropractic PllcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$203
Snyder Charleson Therapy Services, P.C.COUNCIL BLUFFS$849
Taylor Vision PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$12,374
Thurman Psychological LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,049
Total Care Chiropractic LtdCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,253
Vision Specialists Of Council Bluffs LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,544
West Broadway Clinic, PcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$35,350
Willis CasterCOUNCIL BLUFFS$123
Wise Mind Practice LlcCOUNCIL BLUFFS$1,855
Country Winds Manor IncCRESCO$110,131
Cresco Chiropractic Clinic PcCRESCO$2,410
Cresco Family Optometry LlcCRESCO$6,673
Donald FoleyCRESCO$5,449
Evans Memorial Home For The Aged, Inc.CRESCO$73,701
Joslyn Chiropractic Clinic LlcCRESCO$2,371
Regional Health Services Of Howard CountyCRESCO$4,208,490
Carroll Family Chiropractic, LlcCRESTON$1,669
Crest Haven Care Center, LlcCRESTON$39,058
Creston Chiropractic, P.C.CRESTON$6,019
Creston Vision Clinic PcCRESTON$17,107
Greater Regional Medical CenterCRESTON$5,846,458
Jane Brown, Pt PcCRESTON$12,446
New Life Family Medicine P.C.CRESTON$9,660
Theresa R Bensky LlcCRESTON$1,828
Visiting Nurse Services Of IowaCRESTON$305,595
City Of CushingCUSHING$567
Spurgeon Manor IncDALLAS CENTER$119,994
Danbury Community Ambulance ServiceDANBURY$477
Danville Chiropractic PcDANVILLE$1,026
2 Docs Chiropractic PlcDAVENPORT$2,416
4th T PllcDAVENPORT$545
Accredited Dermatology Associates, P.C.DAVENPORT$36,832
Allen L Diercks Dc PcDAVENPORT$4,320
Allergy And Asthma Associates Of The Mississippi Valley, PllcDAVENPORT$4,810
Amana Medical Care IncDAVENPORT$3,119
Anesthesia & Analgesia PcDAVENPORT$76,276
Anesthesia & Pain Consultants, PcDAVENPORT$33,940
Balanced ChiropracticDAVENPORT$428
Beacon Of Hope Hospice, Inc.DAVENPORT$223,021
Beth Shelly Physical Therapy LlcDAVENPORT$2,973
Bettendorf Chiropractic Wellness Center Inc.DAVENPORT$1,676
Caring Dermatology Center PcDAVENPORT$10,644
Christian Retirement Homes, Inc.DAVENPORT$651,779
Clark And Associates, Inc.DAVENPORT$107,130
Clifton BethelDAVENPORT$13
Community Chiropractic LlcDAVENPORT$1,676
Community Health Care IncDAVENPORT$760,565
Complete Balance Chiropractic PcDAVENPORT$753
Dan L Stadelman OdDAVENPORT$4,304
Davenport Eye Group PcDAVENPORT$51,306
Davenport Hearing Aid Center, IncDAVENPORT$10
Davenport Surgical Group PcDAVENPORT$46,222
Digestive Disease Specialists PcDAVENPORT$60,611
Dr Matthew B Meyer PcDAVENPORT$6,238
E Medical Group Of Iowa No.1 LlcDAVENPORT$5,406
Eye Care Pavilion PlcDAVENPORT$8,649
Family Care Solutions L CDAVENPORT$31,844
Family Empowerment Services IncDAVENPORT$215
Genesis Health SystemDAVENPORT$2,091,850
Genesis Health SystemDAVENPORT$10,293,765
Great River Medical GroupDAVENPORT$23,995
Gregg D Corrigan Dpm PcDAVENPORT$14,328
Gregory S Duncan DpmDAVENPORT$6,485
Hahn Family Chiropractic PcDAVENPORT$425
Hoover Chiropractic Clinic Inc.DAVENPORT$1,221
Ideal Health And Wellness ScDAVENPORT$180
Inner Health Systems PcDAVENPORT$398
Iowa Cancer Specialists, PcDAVENPORT$338,883
Iowa Illinois Pain Consultants PcDAVENPORT$13,392
Iowa Plastic Surgery PcDAVENPORT$1,098
Jason RannfeldtDAVENPORT$4,082
Jeffery WilsonDAVENPORT$1,310
Johnson Eyecare, P.C.DAVENPORT$3,338
Judy DuncalfDAVENPORT$1,400
Kahl Home For The Aged & InfirmDAVENPORT$615,905
Kevin Hamilton Dc-PcDAVENPORT$218
Kidney Specialists, PcDAVENPORT$47,806
Kimberly Diercks OetzelDAVENPORT$1,425
Kuethe ChiropracticDAVENPORT$1,035
Laparoscopic Surgical Specialties, LlcDAVENPORT$19,709
Mark SchmallDAVENPORT$1,594
Melody MosenfelderDAVENPORT$127
Merritt Chiropractic PcDAVENPORT$2,013
Michael AldrichDAVENPORT$517
Michelle RueferDAVENPORT$36
Milani Services, LlcDAVENPORT$840
Mississippi Medical Plaza LcDAVENPORT$123,584
Oculofacial Aesthetics, PlcDAVENPORT$7,191
Orthopaedic Specialists PcDAVENPORT$116,850
Psychology Health GroupDAVENPORT$14,169
Quad Cities Foot & Ankle Associates P CDAVENPORT$27,182
Quad Cities Retina ConsultantsDAVENPORT$171,438
Quad City Family Physicians PcDAVENPORT$7,295
Quad City Physical Therapy & SpineDAVENPORT$4,404
Radiology Group, P.C., S.C.DAVENPORT$186,059
Renal Dialysis Associates Of Davenport,P.C.DAVENPORT$20,666
Robert HudsonDAVENPORT$351
Sandra RischDAVENPORT$414
Sarah KivistoDAVENPORT$1,657
Schneider Chiropractic LlcDAVENPORT$444
Select Specialty Hospital – Quad Cities IncDAVENPORT$683,216
Spring Park Surgery Center L L CDAVENPORT$208,677
Stanley Mathew, Md PllcDAVENPORT$59,366
The Weekend Clinic PlcDAVENPORT$102
Timothy MavesDAVENPORT$8,729
Torry SlawsonDAVENPORT$16
Urological Associates PcDAVENPORT$345,617
Vascular Institute Of The Midwest PcDAVENPORT$126,572
Vera French Community Mental HealthDAVENPORT$25,535
Virginia Armstrong IncDAVENPORT$1,125
Wm Colantoni Jr Md PcDAVENPORT$16,828
Zachary KernDAVENPORT$447
Premier Estates 502, LlcDAYTON$37,459
Cram Chiropractic PllcDE WITT$3,901
Dewitt Chiropractic PcDE WITT$1,735
Eyewear GalleryDE WITT$9,805
Gastroenterology Associates, PcDE WITT$72,763
Holst Family Chiropractic PcDE WITT$4,630
Life Rx IncDE WITT$3,531
Aase Haugen Homes, Inc.DECORAH$446,187
Champion Chiropractic Life Center IncDECORAH$455
County Of WinneshiekDECORAH$7,814
Decorah Chiropractic P.C.DECORAH$593
Euro-Team Physical Therapy Clinic PcDECORAH$720
Kelly ReaganDECORAH$4,522
Lighthouse Professional Counseling Services, LlcDECORAH$2,932
Meehan And Schwartz O D P L CDECORAH$25,350
Oneota Physical Therapy Inc.DECORAH$13,389
Oneota Riverview Care Facility, Inc.DECORAH$89,708
Southard Harrison IncDECORAH$296
Swella Clinic Of Chiropractic PcDECORAH$1,801
Winneshiek Medical CenterDECORAH$5,577,248
County Of CrawfordDENISON$28,143
Crawford County Memorial HospitalDENISON$4,540,873
Family Eye Care PcDENISON$12,309
Ida Grove Family Health Center PllcDENISON$32,526
Lambert Family And Sports Chiropractic PcDENISON$3,888
Metro Ob Gyn LlcDENISON$3,639
Mlg Physical Therapy PllcDENISON$319
Premier Estates 503 LlcDENISON$58,124
Retina Consultants Of The Midlands PcDENISON$266,006
Segebart Chiropractic PllcDENISON$2,361
Topko Of Denison IncDENISON$9,633
Vision Care Clinic PcDENISON$63,987
Denver Sunset HomeDENVER$167,994
Laura LarsonDENVER$289
Affinity Therapy And Counseling ServicesDES MOINES$180
Airport Chiropractic PcDES MOINES$737
Albrecht Foot And Ankle PcDES MOINES$12,328
Alpha Allied Mental Health Services LlcDES MOINES$4,519
Associated Ophthalmologists, PcDES MOINES$95,599
Barbara E. Evans, M.D., P.C.DES MOINES$6,475
Bcp Union Park LlcDES MOINES$337,209
Beaverdale Eye PcDES MOINES$27,381
Benjamin HouseDES MOINES$381
Brian HaagDES MOINES$568
Broadlawns Medical CenterDES MOINES$2,427,305
Calvin CommunityDES MOINES$205,810
Capital Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center, PllcDES MOINES$116
Cassady IncDES MOINES$302
Central Iowa Eye Associates, P.C.DES MOINES$26,269
Central Iowa Hospital CorporationDES MOINES$13,218,823
City Of Des MoinesDES MOINES$107,156
Clinical Assessment & Treatment Services PcDES MOINES$1,365
Cvk CorporationDES MOINES$105,435
David A Yount Dpm PcDES MOINES$10,974
David E Scott OdDES MOINES$12,568
David HammansDES MOINES$312
Des Moines Anesthesiologists PcDES MOINES$32,578
Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical CenterDES MOINES$64,484
Discovery Trail Healthcare, Inc.DES MOINES$109,143
Dpmmodlinpria LlcDES MOINES$11,505
Dr Morgain Hall PllcDES MOINES$1,060
Dr. Jeffrey L. Koenen, PcDES MOINES$441
East Central Iowa Acute Care LlpDES MOINES$83,812
Evangelical Retirement Homes, Inc.DES MOINES$391,480
Eye Care Of Iowa P.C.DES MOINES$108,372
Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health ServicesDES MOINES$12,387
Foot And Ankle Institute, PllcDES MOINES$8,935
Gary NuttDES MOINES$7,926
Harbor View LlcDES MOINES$8,551
Heartland Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery P.C.DES MOINES$143,733
Inner Health Services IncDES MOINES$508
Integrated Therapy Services LlcDES MOINES$14,559
Iowa Arthritis And Osteoporosis Center PcDES MOINES$1,110,256
Iowa Head & Neck PcDES MOINES$50,429
Iowa Jewish Senior Life CenterDES MOINES$346,595
Iowa Orthopaedic Center, P.C.DES MOINES$531,339
Iowa Pathology Associates PcDES MOINES$127,670
Iowa Skin ClinicDES MOINES$7,559
John DilleyDES MOINES$606
Justin J Raatz, Dpm PllcDES MOINES$14,228
Kellie K. Hoover, D.C., P.C.DES MOINES$412
Kevin HansenDES MOINES$2,937
Luther Park Health Center IncDES MOINES$619,012
Mary LeeDES MOINES$396
Medical Center Anesthesiologists, P.C.DES MOINES$235,068
Medical Oncology & Hematology Associates PtrshpDES MOINES$3,059,238
Mercy Terrace Hill Surgery Center, LlcDES MOINES$95,317
Meylor Chiropractic & Acupuncture, PcDES MOINES$1,904
Michael WelchDES MOINES$225
Midwest Ambulance Service Of Iowa IncDES MOINES$60,439
Navin Kumar GuptaDES MOINES$5,575
Nebraska Emergency Medicine PcDES MOINES$152,505
Open Arms Home Health Care – Des Moines LlcDES MOINES$899
Orthotek, IncDES MOINES$87,338
Pacifica Health Services LlcDES MOINES$260,613
Partners In Healthcare PlcDES MOINES$6,004
Pathology Associates Of Central Iowa PlcDES MOINES$72,219
Pediatric & Adult Allergy PcDES MOINES$2,379
Post Acute Physicians Of IowaDES MOINES$25,906
Primary Health Care, Inc.DES MOINES$780,478
Pulley Chiropractic IncDES MOINES$1,887
Quentin HustonDES MOINES$425
Rcg Mercy Des Moines, LlcDES MOINES$164,340
Regional Laboratory Consultants PcDES MOINES$39,399
Saylor Twp TrusteesDES MOINES$2,704
Saylorville Chiropractic PcDES MOINES$2,801
Schooler Medical Professionals, PcDES MOINES$4,288
Scottish Rite Park IncDES MOINES$219,123
Select Specialty Hospital – Des Moines, Inc.DES MOINES$709,460
Sexton Chiropractic PcDES MOINES$3,199
South Des Moines ChiropracticDES MOINES$1,221
St Lukes Methodist HospitalDES MOINES$7,231,944
Steinmann Family Health Clinic PcDES MOINES$3,657
Stickel Chiropractic Clinic PcDES MOINES$1,482
Surgery Centers Of Des Moines LtdDES MOINES$246,529
Terry D Huseman Od PcDES MOINES$16,448
Todd W Christensen Od PllcDES MOINES$316
Ultra Eyecare, P.C.DES MOINES$150
Wesley Retirement Services IncDES MOINES$1,905,095
Westrum Optometry PlcDES MOINES$611
Jerome R. Greenberg, O.D., P.C.DES MONIES$122
City Of DikeDIKE$596
Wingert Chiropractic Dc PcDIKE$1,410
Donnellson Chiropractic Clinic, PcDONNELLSON$2,970
Lee County Ems Ambulance, Inc.DONNELLSON$62,419
Dow City-Arion Community Fire Department, IncDOW CITY$645
24 Hour Care, L.L.C.DUBUQUE$52,446
Abigail Tebbe D.C. P.C.DUBUQUE$68
Adam LindenDUBUQUE$8
Advanced Wellness Center, P.C.DUBUQUE$1,776
Amanda Reynolds Counseling LlcDUBUQUE$945
Asbury Family Chiropractic PcDUBUQUE$3,659
Bethany HomeDUBUQUE$341,743
Casey Theis Counseling LlcDUBUQUE$302
Chiropractic First PcDUBUQUE$250
Chiropractic Rehab Center, PcDUBUQUE$288
Claire Hunt Counseling LlcDUBUQUE$377
County Of DubuqueDUBUQUE$428,035
Crescent Community Health CenterDUBUQUE$8,648
Cv Physical Therapy IncDUBUQUE$288
Dubuque Anesthesia Services PcDUBUQUE$132,520
Dubuque Ent Head & Neck Surgery PcDUBUQUE$100,723
Dubuque Family Chiropractic P.L.L.C.DUBUQUE$289
Dubuque Family Eye Care PcDUBUQUE$1,769
Dubuque Internal Medicine PcDUBUQUE$896,430
Dubuque Neurology And Sleep Medicine P.C.DUBUQUE$4,577
Dubuque Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.C.DUBUQUE$95,356
Dubuque Orthopaedic Surgeons PcDUBUQUE$34,631
Dumed, Inc.DUBUQUE$15,318
Elizabeth HeilDUBUQUE$1,480
Ennoble Nursing LlcDUBUQUE$97,583
Finley-Hartig Homecare, LlcDUBUQUE$26,252
Finn Therapy LlcDUBUQUE$315
Fountain Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.DUBUQUE$605
Fuerste Eye ClinicDUBUQUE$104,145
Fullness Of Life Chiropractic PlcDUBUQUE$199
Jason E Meyer Physical Therapy PcDUBUQUE$12,042
John MeyerDUBUQUE$1,618
Key West Chiropractic Health Center IncDUBUQUE$5,613
Klauer Optometry PcDUBUQUE$28,766
Malone Family Chiropractic Clinic P.C.DUBUQUE$1,292
Martin Luther Home CorporationDUBUQUE$706,450
Medical Associates Clinic PcDUBUQUE$1,196,884
Mercy Family PharmacyDUBUQUE$4,298
Mercy Health Services-Iowa CorpDUBUQUE$117,475
Mercy Medical Center-DubuqueDUBUQUE$3,981,779
Mercy Radiologists Of Dubuque PcDUBUQUE$34,679
Meyer Clinic Of ChiropracticDUBUQUE$1,391
Micaela DolezalDUBUQUE$2,471
Mickie YagerDUBUQUE$502
Midwest Sleep Services IncDUBUQUE$450
Mississippi Valley AnesthesiologyDUBUQUE$18,564
Open Arms Home Health Care LlcDUBUQUE$1,079
Paramount Emergency Medical Service IncDUBUQUE$59,284
Pathology AssociatesDUBUQUE$81,328
Plastic Surgery Aesthetics PcDUBUQUE$49
Pog Cedar Rapids LlcDUBUQUE$21,087
Pregler Chiropratic, PcDUBUQUE$1,521
Radiation Oncology Of Iowa PcDUBUQUE$14,370
Ricketts Clinic Of Chiropractic, Inc.DUBUQUE$4,349
Stephen J. Dalsing D.C.P.C.DUBUQUE$4,165
Stonehill Franciscan ServicesDUBUQUE$435,830
Sullivan Chiropractic PcDUBUQUE$3,006
The Finley HospitalDUBUQUE$2,335,879
Tri-State Surgery Center LlcDUBUQUE$147,801
Tri-State Vein CenterDUBUQUE$2,300
Vaassen Chiropractic & Acupuncture PlcDUBUQUE$1,075
Dunlap Fire And RescueDUNLAP$3,252
Durant Ambulance Service IncDURANT$6,304
Jay BrammeierDURANT$3,413
Pugschiropractic PllcDURANT$34
Sweet Pea Chiropractic LlcDURANT$99
Bi County AmbulanceDYERSVILLE$6,771
City Chiropractic IncDYERSVILLE$2,340
Jason J. Putz Physical Therapy P.C.DYERSVILLE$27,096
Mercy Medical Center-DyersvilleDYERSVILLE$2,549,609
Woodland Eye Clinic PcDYERSVILLE$18,438
Broadway Vision Source, IncorporatedEAGLE GROVE$7,145
City Of Eagle GroveEAGLE GROVE$5,203
Eagle Grove Pharmacy IncEAGLE GROVE$10,582
Parrott Family Chiropractic, P.C.EAGLE GROVE$2,956
Rotary Club Of Eagle Grove Home IncEAGLE GROVE$200,742
City Of EarlvilleEARLVILLE$580
City Of EdgewoodEDGEWOOD$3,557
Edgewood Convalescent HomeEDGEWOOD$81,743
City Of ElberonELBERON$268
Eldora Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center, P.C.ELDORA$2,177
Greenbelt Home CareELDORA$38,292
Salvo Therapy Services LlcELDORA$8,338
Chiropractic Care Center PcELDRIDGE$2,117
Chizek Family Eyecare IncELDRIDGE$7,445
Davis Radiology, P.C.ELDRIDGE$112,913
Eldridge Spine & Wellness Center PcELDRIDGE$1,956
J J Lawlor LlcELDRIDGE$4,186
Lisa KlausELDRIDGE$3,440
North Scott Pharmacy IncELDRIDGE$168
American Lutheran ChurchELK HORN$342,902
Central Community HospitalELKADER$3,518,540
Chiropractic Advantage Clinic, P.C.ELKADER$1,582
Elkader Chiropractic Center PcELKADER$5,460
Elkader Eye Clinic, PcELKADER$24,197
Elkader Nursing Home Company LlcELKADER$47,069
Colonial Manor Of Elma IncELMA$251,621
Abcm CorporationEMMETSBURG$8,743,790
Dean Ver Mulm Od PcEMMETSBURG$5,414
Hughes Pharmacy Services Inc.EMMETSBURG$5,292
Justin BurnsEMMETSBURG$2,189
Lakeside Lutheran HomeEMMETSBURG$257,339
Palo Alto County HospitalEMMETSBURG$4,158,871
Epworth Family Chiropractic, P.C.EPWORTH$1,715
City Of EssexESSEX$1,750
Greg SanderESTERVILLE$922
Champion State Of Mind PllcESTHERVILLE$353
Estherville Family Chiropractic P.C.ESTHERVILLE$1,318
Eyecare CentreESTHERVILLE$84,244
Hoyer Chiropractic PcESTHERVILLE$1,312
Katie CarterESTHERVILLE$1,761
Woman To Woman Clinic PlcESTHERVILLE$2,877
Woods Chiropractic PlcESTHERVILLE$835
City Of EvansdaleEVANSDALE$2,594
Exira Care Center CorporationEXIRA$283,641
Exira Fire & Ems Association IncorporatedEXIRA$1,852
Southwest Iowa Mental Health CenterEXIRA$9,842
Fairbank Chiropractic LlcFAIRBANK$1,230
Fairfax Chiropractic Center PllcFAIRFAX$9,262
American Eyecare PcFAIRFIELD$29,386
Care Ambulance LlcFAIRFIELD$77,945
Christine EnglandFAIRFIELD$1,699
Cleaver Dermatology PcFAIRFIELD$187,570
Conilogue Pt LlcFAIRFIELD$16,331
David SeagullFAIRFIELD$1,381
Deborah PogelFAIRFIELD$327
Jefferson County HospitalFAIRFIELD$5,113,706
Meador Chiropractic IncFAIRFIELD$3,064
Nurse In The House Inc.FAIRFIELD$44,060
Optimae Lifeservices IncFAIRFIELD$700,000
Pamela ParadowskiFAIRFIELD$3,897
Parkview Care Center IncFAIRFIELD$310,865
Randall LiebeFAIRFIELD$3,425
Rose Foot Clinic PcFAIRFIELD$7,669
Sunnybrook Home Care, Inc.FAIRFIELD$46,457
Sunnybrook Living Care Center LcFAIRFIELD$324,944
Vega Corp PcFAIRFIELD$965
Pamela ChristyFARMINGTON$1,326
Scheuermann Chiropractic PcFARMINGTON$4,465
Town Of FarmingtonFARMINGTON$2,156
Colonial Manors Of Fayette, IncFAYETTE$273,382
Scott Pharmacy IncFAYETTE$13,763
City Of FentonFENTON$676
Fonda City OfFONDA$1,550
County Of WinnebagoFOREST CITY$13,249
Forest City Ambulance ServiceFOREST CITY$12,404
Forest City Chiropractic & Sports Clinic, P.C.FOREST CITY$1,367
Sandra BednarzFOREST CITY$806
Acree Chiropractic Clinic PlcFORT DODGE$1,488
Barbara LindFORT DODGE$1,368
Calisesi Chiropractic Clinic PllcFORT DODGE$19,337
City Of Fort DodgeFORT DODGE$46,038
Community Health Center Of Fort Dodge, Inc.FORT DODGE$381,187
County Of WebsterFORT DODGE$81,417
Dr Ryan J Brown PcFORT DODGE$15,803
Fort Dodge Health IncFORT DODGE$1,820
Friendship Haven, IncFORT DODGE$367,527
Gypsum Creek Healthcare, Inc.FORT DODGE$78,168
Jason LairdFORT DODGE$3,411
Joshua J. Mason Dc PcFORT DODGE$27,537
Leopoldo E Delucca Md PcFORT DODGE$18,732
Lutheran Family ServiceFORT DODGE$2,068
Marian HomeFORT DODGE$131,144
Medical Arts Eyecare, PlcFORT DODGE$9,095
Patty Hull Lisw PllcFORT DODGE$751
Qhc Fort Dodge Villa, LlcFORT DODGE$85,264
Terry D Moehnke Od PcFORT DODGE$9,183
The Richmond CenterFORT DODGE$6,267
Timi Jordison Psychological Services, P.C.FORT DODGE$622
Trinity Regional Medical CenterFORT DODGE$2,524,160
William HusemanFORT DODGE$3,089
Counseling Associates, IncFORT MADISON$1,443
Fort Madison Community HospitalFORT MADISON$5,376,213
Lee County AuditorFORT MADISON$42,474
Mariahs Family Chiropractic PcFORT MADISON$3,558
Mark A SaathoffFORT MADISON$10,526
Midwest Anesthesia Care IncFORT MADISON$12,720
Mobile Nursing Services, Ltd.FORT MADISON$27,170
Rashid Pharmacy PlcFORT MADISON$419,107
Robert BrockmanFORT MADISON$4,273
Fredericksburg Family Health Clinic, PllcFREDERICKSBURG$17,410
Steven HorakFREDERICKSBURG$1,887
Garnavillo Chiropractic LlcGARNAVILLO$843
Garner Chiropractic Center, PcGARNER$2,685
Wood Chiropractic ClinicGARNER$3,189
Town Of GarwinGARWIN$170
County Of MillsGLENWOOD$5,572
Elwood M Young Od PcGLENWOOD$104,852
Glen Haven Home IncGLENWOOD$335,293
Glenwood Volunteer Fire Assoc IncGLENWOOD$11,749
Hospice Of Central IowaGLENWOOD$527,080
Margramon P CGLENWOOD$2,354
On With Life At GlenwoodGLENWOOD$130,000
Phillips & Associates, LlcGLENWOOD$1,040
Gowrie Family Chiropractic Clinic PcGOWRIE$5,498
Graettinger Chiropractic Clinic PcGRAETTINGER$2,928
City Of GrangerGRANGER$1,289
Janning Family Chiropractic LlcGRANGER$1,018
Greene Volunteer Ambulance ServiceGREENE$4,111
James KernGREENE$2,408
Mms/Greene Healthcare LlcGREENE$165,865
Adair County Memorial HospitalGREENFIELD$3,813,427
Greenfield Manor IncGREENFIELD$70,915
Greenfield Pharmacy LlcGREENFIELD$451
Jensen Family Chiropractic Dc PcGREENFIELD$1,777
Ccrc Of Grimes, LlcGRIMES$285,366
City Of GrimesGRIMES$5,377
Diabetic Equipment And Supplies LlcGRIMES$7,702
Fangman Family Chiropractic PcGRIMES$820
Iowa Dermatology Clinic PlcGRIMES$177,476
M J Howie Od PcGRIMES$1,712
Capstone Behavioral Healthcare IncGRINNELL$12,933
Clarity Eyecare LlpGRINNELL$147
Davis Psychological Services, PcGRINNELL$5,055
Family MedicineGRINNELL$12,431
Gallegos Counseling, LlcGRINNELL$125
Grinnell Eye Care PcGRINNELL$18,850
Grinnell Family Care PcGRINNELL$25,600
Grinnell Regional Medical CenterGRINNELL$953,850
Hospice Of The Midwest LlcGRINNELL$397,984
Jennifer M Rayburn PcGRINNELL$1,923
Jensen Optometrists PllcGRINNELL$8,204
Lance StroversGRINNELL$887
Matthew C. Mcknight, Dpm, P.C.GRINNELL$16,468
Mayflower Homes IncGRINNELL$321,962
Renfrow Senior CareGRINNELL$4,588
Smith Family Chiropractic PcGRINNELL$3,082
St Francis Manor IncGRINNELL$358,926
Steiner & AssociatesGRINNELL$1,998
City Of GriswoldGRISWOLD$3,495
Griswold Care Center Inc.GRISWOLD$57,996
City Of Grundy CenterGRUNDY CENTER$12,290
Creekside IncGRUNDY CENTER$278,486
Eberline Family Chiropractic PllcGRUNDY CENTER$5,689
Grundy Center Chiropractic, P.C.GRUNDY CENTER$120
Grundy County Memorial HospitalGRUNDY CENTER$3,943,082
Premier Estates 504, LlcGRUNDY CENTER$48,988
Stefanie L Rohler LlcGRUNDY CENTER$5,372
Stefl Pharmacy IncGRUNDY CENTER$1,617
Allen Family Chiropractic PcGUTHRIE CENTER$3,526
County Of GuthrieGUTHRIE CENTER$13,994
Dowd Drug Inc.GUTHRIE CENTER$1,829
Guthrie County HospitalGUTHRIE CENTER$3,928,390
Guttenberg Municipal HospitalGUTTENBERG$3,872,903
Quality Medical Services IncGUTTENBERG$86,339
Cardiovascular Clinic Of Nebraska LlcHAMBURG$332,383
Community Hospital IncHAMBURG$3,634,817
Medical Clinic P.C.HAMBURG$393,196
Stoner Drug CoHAMBURG$2,511
Franklin CountyHAMPTON$14,905
Franklin General HospitalHAMPTON$3,979,723
Koenen & Collins Chiropractic ClinicHAMPTON$7,168
North Iowa Community Action OrganizationHAMPTON$33
Advanced Dermatology Of The Midlands PcHARLAN$99,755
American Baptist Homes Of The MidwestHARLAN$1,924,435
Daniel SchumacherHARLAN$3,448
Dr Jays Family Eye Care LlcHARLAN$9,347
Kaltved IncHARLAN$1,907
N & J Optical Supply IncHARLAN$5,227
Ramos Md PcHARLAN$18,224
Shelby County Chris A Myrtue Memorial HospitalHARLAN$4,979,663
Shelby County Physical Therapy Inc.HARLAN$12,145
City Of HartleyHARTLEY$4,459
Community Memorial Healthcenter AssociationHARTLEY$325,701
Hartley Chiropractic Clinic IncHARTLEY$1,684
Back To Health Chiropractic Care PcHAWARDEN$2,267
Booth Pharmacy IncHAWARDEN$5,785
Hawarden Regional HealthcareHAWARDEN$3,641,204
Hawarden Regional Healthcare Clinics LlcHAWARDEN$27,288
Riverside Healthcare, Inc.HAWARDEN$78,012
Michael ComstockHEDRICK$1,463
Pridipon VithespongseHEDRICK$976
Abbe Management CorpHIAWATHA$20,873
Atlas Family Chiropractic IncHIAWATHA$579
Chiropractic Professional Office, PcHIAWATHA$3,330
Chiropractic Solutions PcHIAWATHA$2,080
City Of HiawathaHIAWATHA$9,916
Excel Chiropractic And Rehab PcHIAWATHA$633
Family Medicine And More PlcHIAWATHA$7,139
Five Seasons Physical Therapy PllcHIAWATHA$3,460
Hiawatha Care Center IncHIAWATHA$531,302
Linn County Anesthesiologists PcHIAWATHA$529,475
Mark T Mentzer Od PcHIAWATHA$2,893
Michelle Nelson Chiropractic IncHIAWATHA$554
O’Neill Family Chiropractic, PcHIAWATHA$315
United Seating And Mobility LlcHIAWATHA$6,425,176
Hinton Fire Rescue IncHINTON$618
Holton Clinic Of Chiropractic IncHINTON$3,214
City Of HolsteinHOLSTEIN$3,511
City Of HopkintonHOPKINTON$656
Prairie Home Wellness And CounselingHOPKINTON$1,796
City Of HubbardHUBBARD$1,997
Hubbard Care Center IncHUBBARD$280,618
City Of HudsonHUDSON$898
Fish Chiropractic LlcHUDSON$95
Total Health Of Iowa IncHUDSON$18,236
Hull ChiropracticHULL$1,838
Premier Estates 505, LlcHULL$70,127
Healthsource Of Humboldt PcHUMBOLDT$1,219
Humboldt County Memorial HospitalHUMBOLDT$4,011,876
Humboldt Spine & Rehab PcHUMBOLDT$2,967
Lakes Dermatology PllcHUMBOLDT$14,204
Larcam Pharmacy LtdHUMBOLDT$754
Qhc Humboldt North LlcHUMBOLDT$66,706
Qhc Humboldt South LlcHUMBOLDT$36,907
Huxley Physical Therapy IncHUXLEY$6,713
Family Eye Care Of Ida Grove PcIDA GROVE$10,853
Ida County Iowa Community HospitalIDA GROVE$4,057,101
Kismet Idg, LlcIDA GROVE$52,224
Area Ambulance AuthorityINDEPENDENCE$152,650
Cornerstone Family Therapy LlcINDEPENDENCE$302
Family First Chiropractic PcINDEPENDENCE$3,556
Fuelling Chiropractic Clinic PcINDEPENDENCE$2,038
Mental Health InstituteINDEPENDENCE$52,360
People’S Memorial HospitalINDEPENDENCE$4,387,300
Precision Eye Care LlcINDEPENDENCE$1,773
Puffett Chiropractic Clinic, PcINDEPENDENCE$1,075
Ryan Pharmacy IncINDEPENDENCE$612
Sharla WallINDEPENDENCE$1,080
Wapsi Valley Family Counseling LlcINDEPENDENCE$1,069
Avitt Enterprises, Inc.INDIANOLA$1,310
City Of IndianolaINDIANOLA$19,804
County Of WarrenINDIANOLA$343
Crain Chiropractic CorporationINDIANOLA$1,531
Dermatology PcINDIANOLA$304,167
Drees Family & Sports Chiropractic IncINDIANOLA$5,041
Metro Geriatric ServicesINDIANOLA$54,349
Optometric Associates Of Warren County PcINDIANOLA$44,177
Richard L. Nelson, O.D. P.L.C.INDIANOLA$1,887
Warren County Chiropractic Inc.INDIANOLA$2,270
Fellowship VillageINWOOD$208,918
Advanced Medical Transport Of IowaIOWA CITY$20,061
Alberhasky Eye Clinic PcIOWA CITY$1,251
All Family Chiropractic PcIOWA CITY$916
Bella Vita Chiropractic & Wellness PcIOWA CITY$718
Bowman Chiropractic Associates PcIOWA CITY$1,007
Briarwood Management IncIOWA CITY$307,590
Christian Retirement Services IncIOWA CITY$66,748
Community Medical Supply, Inc.IOWA CITY$26,952
Complete Chiropractic LlcIOWA CITY$325
Counseling And Health CenterIOWA CITY$14,102
Counseling Center For Individual & Family Development LlpIOWA CITY$3,886
County Of JohnsonIOWA CITY$68,232
Cross Medical Laboratories LlpIOWA CITY$23,383
Daniel R Wolfe Od PcIOWA CITY$1,959
Ent Medical Services PcIOWA CITY$100,426
Ent Medical Services Sleep Center, PlcIOWA CITY$5,965
Eye Associates Of Iowa City PcIOWA CITY$18,553
Eye Physicians And Surgeons, LlpIOWA CITY$307,196
Ic Dermatology PcIOWA CITY$14,602
Iowa City Ambulatory Surgical Center LlcIOWA CITY$373,428
Iowa City Cancer Treatment Center LlcIOWA CITY$51,141
Iowa City Hospice, Inc.IOWA CITY$384,128
James SmithIOWA CITY$1,908
Jensen Eyecare Center PllcIOWA CITY$2,092
John Sherry Dpm PlcIOWA CITY$12,402
Katherine Nydam OlivierIOWA CITY$771
Madison County Medical Equipment IncIOWA CITY$66,244
Maria Conley D C P CIOWA CITY$1,671
Mary FisherIOWA CITY$7,728
Mercy Hospital Iowa City IowaIOWA CITY$3,261,333
Mercy Services Iowa City, Inc.IOWA CITY$1,451,237
Michael FlaumIOWA CITY$501
Physician Anesthesia Care Of Iowa City PcIOWA CITY$52,826
Premier Estates 506, LlcIOWA CITY$104,950
Robert WesnerIOWA CITY$3,128
Spencer BrinkIOWA CITY$154
Steindler Orthopedic Clinic PlcIOWA CITY$362,699
Surgical Services, PcIOWA CITY$17,583
Time Of Your Life TherapyIOWA CITY$1,628
Tipt PllcIOWA CITY$21,854
Towncrest Pharmacy CorpIOWA CITY$8,390
Visiting Nurse Association Of Johnson CountyIOWA CITY$36,615
City Of Iowa FallsIOWA FALLS$15,639
Cornerstone Chiropractic PllcIOWA FALLS$893
Ellsworth Municipal HospitalIOWA FALLS$4,326,394
Iowa Falls ClinicIOWA FALLS$2,349
Mark HansonIOWA FALLS$2,028
Pharmgirls PcIOWA FALLS$611
Scenic Living Communities IncIOWA FALLS$408,573
Vsl Iowa Falls LlcIOWA FALLS$299,208
Nichols Chiropractic, PlcJANESVILLE$988
Central Iowa Family Eyecare PllcJEFFERSON$3,562
Greater Life ChiropracticJEFFERSON$2,383
Greene County Medical CenterJEFFERSON$4,249,776
Reason IncJEFFERSON$4,578
T L Brown Od PcJEFFERSON$18,511
City Of JesupJESUP$885
City Of JewellJEWELL$1,455
Nicole FergusonJEWELL$4
Bartek Therapy Services, Inc.JOHNSTON$22,010
Brio Of Johnston LlcJOHNSTON$240,891
Central Iowa Dermatology LlcJOHNSTON$9,156
ChildServe Habilitation CenterJOHNSTON$210,000
Childserve Medical Equipment & Supply Inc.JOHNSTON$138
Childserve Therapy IncJOHNSTON$672
Chiropractic Health And Wellness Clinic, LlcJOHNSTON$4,564
City Of JohnstonJOHNSTON$12,952
Dana PlewJOHNSTON$6,361
Discover Chiropractic LlcJOHNSTON$927
Gabrielle Sandberg FugereJOHNSTON$2,590
Hearthstone A Ministry Of Wesleylife LlcJOHNSTON$529,878
Herrmann Family Chiropractic LlcJOHNSTON$364
Iowa Physicians Clinic Medical FoundationJOHNSTON$4,241,749
Metro Eyecare Associates LlcJOHNSTON$2,114
Schultz Chiropractic Wellness Zone, P.C.JOHNSTON$465
Wellspire LlcJOHNSTON$573,074
Dr Mamae IncKALONA$573
Errthum Health Care Services, Inc.KALONA$1,817
Iowa Mennonite Benevolent AssociationKALONA$138,318
Physical Therapy Services PcKALONA$15,339
Washington Chiropractic & Wellness Center LlcKALONA$1,950
Kanawha Community Home, IncKANAWHA$31,697
Advance Pt Blessing Corp Services Ft Madison Community HospKEOKUK$13,778
Cardinal Care CorpKEOKUK$195,577
Compass Clinical Associates, PllcKEOKUK$20,684
Daves PlaceKEOKUK$192,500
Gastrohealth Of Illinois ScKEOKUK$13,303
Harper Family Health Clinic LlcKEOKUK$70
Heartland Pathways IncKEOKUK$196
Iowa Emergency Physicians LlpKEOKUK$64,805
James Healthcare & Associates, IncKEOKUK$15,629
Keokuk Area HospitalKEOKUK$309,776
Keokuk Area Medical Equipment & Supply, Inc.KEOKUK$28,326
Keokuk Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center IncKEOKUK$1,907
Lawler Family Chiropractic IncKEOKUK$3,980
Lexington Square LlcKEOKUK$558,847
Premier Pathology Services LlcKEOKUK$30,587
Ricky GreenfieldKEOKUK$7,691
William SchulteKEOKUK$19,548
County Of Van BurenKEOSAUQUA$3,074
Keosauqua Family Chiropractic, PcKEOSAUQUA$2,744
Keosauqua Health Care Center LlcKEOSAUQUA$301,096
Van Buren County HospitalKEOSAUQUA$3,790,619
Keota Health Care Center LlcKEOTA$171,364
Sheets Chiropractic & Wellness IncKEOTA$2,211
Keystone Nursing Care Center IncKEYSTONE$297,316
Care InitiativesKINGSLEY$3,605,735
Kingsley Vision Center PcKINGSLEY$5,900
Child And Family Eyecare PcKNOXVILLE$15,926
City Of KnoxvilleKNOXVILLE$21,243
Eye Health Solutions PcKNOXVILLE$26,209
Knoxville Care Partners LlcKNOXVILLE$291,097
Knoxville Community Hospital IncKNOXVILLE$4,552,248
Precision Chiropractic Clinic PcKNOXVILLE$4,918
Quality Home Care Professionals, Inc.KNOXVILLE$27,423
City Of Laporte CityLA PORTE CITY$2,668
Kobliska Chiropractic, PlcLA PORTE CITY$772
Lacona Fire And RescueLACONA$467
Harris Drug, Inc.LAKE CITY$497
Redenius Chiropractic PlcLAKE CITY$2,536
Stewart Memorial Community HospitalLAKE CITY$578,235
Vsl Lake City LlcLAKE CITY$359,408
Woodlawn PharmacyLAKE CITY$263
Lake Mills Pharmacy IncLAKE MILLS$276
Lake Mills Physical Therapy LlcLAKE MILLS$10,524
Blackhawk Lifecare IncLAKE VIEW$206,788
Lake View Family Chiropractic Clinic, PcLAKE VIEW$6,897
City Of LakotaLAKOTA$326
Lamoni Family Care Chiropractic LlcLAMONI$3,701
Lansing Housing CorporationLANSING$269,241
Larchwood Chiropractic, Inc.LARCHWOOD$1,561
City Of LaurensLAURENS$1,885
Laurens Senior Pioneers IncLAURENS$195,393
Crystal BuesingLE CLAIRE$624
John Van Straten Do ScLE CLAIRE$5,717
Kautz Chiropractic LlcLE CLAIRE$1,938
Accura Healthcare Of Le Mars LlcLE MARS$257,895
Bollin Chiropractic & Acupuncture IncLE MARS$4,195
Floyd Valley Home Medical EquipmentLE MARS$18,798
Floyd Valley HospitalLE MARS$4,653,291
Halsted’S PcLE MARS$15,237
Le Mars Area Dialysis ServicesLE MARS$20,748
Le Mars Physical TherapyLE MARS$9,073
Paul E Schroeder & Scott B IhrkeLE MARS$10,140
Rebecca DeruyterLE MARS$2,049
Ritz Chiropractic Group PllcLE MARS$3,031
Kitzman Chiropractic & Acupuncture Professional CorporationLECLAIRE$1,023
Riverside Family Eye Center LlcLECLAIRE$751
City Of LemarsLEMARS$13,275
Hawkeye Clinic Of Sergeant Bluff, PcLEMARS$8,404
Wayne MeylorLEMARS$5,967
Premier Estates 507, LlcLENOX$56,103
Community Health Centers Of Southern Iowa IncLEON$176,831
County Of DecaturLEON$3,264
Decatur County HospitalLEON$3,825,285
South Central Home Health Care IncLEON$4,982
Westview Properties LlcLEON$65,232
Wemark Chiropractic LlcLIME SPRINGS$2,887
Nolz Chiropractic Clinic PcLISBON$1,638
County Of HarrisonLOGAN$22,668
Eby Drug Store Logan IncLOGAN$81
Kismet Lgn LlcLOGAN$59,757
Lone Tree Health Care Center Inc.LONE TREE$63,018
Bear Creek Therapy PllcLOST NATION$897
21st Century Rehab PcMADRID$33,249
Cc Anderson PcMADRID$419
Central Iowa Foot Clinic PcMADRID$9,622
Global Wellness Clinic, P.C.MADRID$1,895
Madrid Family Practice ClinicMADRID$8,974
Madrid Home For The AgingMADRID$475,717
Malvern Volunteer Rescue IncMALVERN$1,717
Advanced Eyecare Associates Of Eastern Iowa PcMANCHESTER$19,051
Brehme Drug IncMANCHESTER$2,974
Delaware County Memorial HospitalMANCHESTER$5,163,082
Good Neighbor SocietyMANCHESTER$589,656
Jason NolzMANCHESTER$1,734
Kallenbach Drug IncMANCHESTER$2,617
Kurt JohnsonMANCHESTER$1,630
Long Term Medical Supply CorporationMANCHESTER$41,704
Manchester Family Vision Center PcMANCHESTER$15,514
Podiatry Associates, P.C.MANCHESTER$31,679
Colonial Manors Of Manilla IncMANILLA$46,676
Accura Healthcare Of Manning LlcMANNING$190,000
Blum Physical Therapy IncMANNING$3,307
Manning Regional Healthcare CenterMANNING$3,875,530
Plains Area Mental Health, Inc.MANNING$20,961
Podey Family & Sports ChiropracticMANNING$2,406
One Chiropractic IncMANSON$1,151
Heights Home Health, Inc.MAPLETON$13,468
Maier Family Pharmacy PcMAPLETON$3,573
Mapleton Progress IncMAPLETON$307,799
Brent PaulsMAQUOKETA$286
Carolyn AiseMAQUOKETA$2,245
Crestridge, IncMAQUOKETA$76,602
David S Sybesma, Od, PcMAQUOKETA$9,123
Douglas LeonMAQUOKETA$6,408
Dubuque Rheumatology PcMAQUOKETA$37,570
Heinrich Chiropractic PllcMAQUOKETA$707
Jackson County Public HospitalMAQUOKETA$341,614
Maquoketa Care Center IncMAQUOKETA$238,630
Maquoketa Family ClinicMAQUOKETA$49,101
Medical Associates Of Maquoketa PcMAQUOKETA$71,249
N Jean BrownsonMAQUOKETA$363
Osterhaus Pharmacy, Inc.MAQUOKETA$7,711
Physical And Sports Services PcMAQUOKETA$5,027
Timber City Chiropractic IncMAQUOKETA$1,671
Heartland Care Center IncMARCUS$173,414
Steven SchachterleMARCUS$2,363
County Of IowaMARENGO$26,385
H & H Apothecaries LlcMARENGO$4,203
Iowa Valley Eye Care PlcMARENGO$5,010
Marengo Memorial HospitalMARENGO$4,301,169
Paradym Health Care IncMARENGO$245,788
River Valley Dialysis LlcMARENGO$36,030
Wilson Counseling Services LlcMARENGO$99
Ability Physical Therapy PcMARION$33,943
Ahf Kentucky-Iowa, IncMARION$387,738
Care Chiropractic PcMARION$2,268
Carmen ClemensonMARION$2,827
David KunkleMARION$923
Dr. Lynn I. Labbe, P.C.MARION$4,657
Foot & Ankle Specialists Of Iowa, PlcMARION$24,639
Grand Haven Homes, Inc.MARION$202,792
Insight Vision Inc.MARION$4,892
Iowa Chiropractic Center PcMARION$4,468
Revive Family Chiropractic, L.L.C.MARION$1,408
Ryder Chiropractic Center PcMARION$718
The Capstone Group, Inc.MARION$176,108
The Views Operator B LlcMARION$8,336
Primitive Health Chiropractic And Wellness Center LlcMARQUETTE$389
Accura Healthcare Of Marshalltown LlcMARSHALLTOWN$371,679
Barbara SloanMARSHALLTOWN$896
Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery PcMARSHALLTOWN$24,667
Central Iowa Physio LlcMARSHALLTOWN$40,764
Central Iowa Podiatry IncMARSHALLTOWN$23,027
Eric BantzMARSHALLTOWN$1,645
Excel Medical Of Marshalltown IncMARSHALLTOWN$23,102
Eye Care Optical LlcMARSHALLTOWN$2,919
Fritz Chiropractic Dc PcMARSHALLTOWN$3,098
Grandview Heights IncMARSHALLTOWN$134,054
Inman Chiropractic Clinic IncMARSHALLTOWN$2,480
Iowa River Hospice IncMARSHALLTOWN$136,710
James CarmichealMARSHALLTOWN$370
Marshalltown Vision P.C.MARSHALLTOWN$43,254
Ozzie LindquistMARSHALLTOWN$787
Robert R Negrete Od PcMARSHALLTOWN$1,061
Sportsplus Sports Medicine And Physical Therapy Center IncMARSHALLTOWN$10,995
The Optical CenterMARSHALLTOWN$502
Unitypoint Health – MarshalltownMARSHALLTOWN$1,209,853
Wolfe Clinic Eye Centers, Lc.MARSHALLTOWN$50,998
Lynda HaverMARSHALTOWN$15,140
Active Family Chiropractic LlcMASON CITY$1,908
Ami FrohlingMASON CITY$1,157
Anchor Family Health Center PlcMASON CITY$10,984
Behavorial Health Options PlcMASON CITY$1,276
Catherine WeinerMASON CITY$431
Catholic Charities Of The Archdiocese Of Dubuque IowaMASON CITY$1,246
Cerro Gordo County Board Of HealthMASON CITY$25,237
City Of Mason CityMASON CITY$66,647
Clear Lake Optics CorpMASON CITY$12,335
Cornish Family Chiropractic LlcMASON CITY$1,243
Dr Robert J Friedrichs PcMASON CITY$1,986
Fresenius Kidney Care North Iowa LlcMASON CITY$164,638
Good Shepherd Geriatric Center IncMASON CITY$371,465
Hospice Of North IowaMASON CITY$405,731
Hospitalist Medicine Physicians Of Iowa – Mason City, PllcMASON CITY$51,815
Iowa Odd Fellows & Orphans HomeMASON CITY$401,389
Jody WisemanMASON CITY$2,724
Khan Medical Associates PcMASON CITY$5,634
Lisa BramerMASON CITY$134
Lovik Family Eyecare, P.C.MASON CITY$5,427
Magnetic Resonance Services PtrMASON CITY$22,784
Mason City Ambulatory Surgery Center , LlcMASON CITY$228,726
Mason City Sleep Center LlcMASON CITY$4,638
Mercy Health Services – Iowa CorpMASON CITY$7,892,854
North Iowa Anesthesia Associates PcMASON CITY$73,010
North Iowa Eye Clinic, P.C.MASON CITY$197,204
North Iowa Mercy ClinicsMASON CITY$1,043,265
Pamela Little IncMASON CITY$2,629
Pathology Associates Of Mason CityMASON CITY$51,570
Radiologists Of North Iowa PcMASON CITY$176,070
Turning Leaf Counseling IncMASON CITY$11,495
Vascular Care PcMASON CITY$11,851
County Of OsceolaMAY CITY$8,571
Mcgregor Nursing Home Company LlcMC GREGOR$43,637
Strutt Chiropractic Clinic PcMC GREGOR$4,015
Cedar Chiropractic And Acupuncture Clinic IncMECHANICSVILLE$1,918
City Of MechanicsvilleMECHANICSVILLE$1,459
Bcp Mediapolis LlcMEDIAPOLIS$281,746
Mediapolis Chiropractic Center PllcMEDIAPOLIS$4,131
Laurie Goff Arnp, PcMELCHER$1,962
Community Ambulance Service Of Preston IowaMILES$2,256
Accura Healthcare Of Milford LlcMILFORD$268,565
Danielle Ries, O.D., L.L.C.MILFORD$4,876
Ingwersen Family Chiropractic LlcMILFORD$2,715
Kurt EckardMILFORD$4,987
Megan Dubois KastnerMILFORD$3,136
City Of MiloMILO$1,125
Dotzler Pharmacies, Inc.MINDEN$1,396
Glenn E Hurst, Md, P.C.MINDEN$4,389
City Of Missouri ValleyMISSOURI VALLEY$3,432
Eye Consultants PcMISSOURI VALLEY$102,909
Generations Hospice Care IncMISSOURI VALLEY$48,574
Healthquest Chiropractic And Wellness Center PcMISSOURI VALLEY$3,833
Jane DanielMISSOURI VALLEY$2,637
Longview Home Inc.MISSOURI VALLEY$484,526
Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PcMISSOURI VALLEY$35,344
Qhc Mitchellville LlcMITCHELLVILLE$44,806
Town Of MondaminMONDAMIN$1,352
Mfl Ambulance Service, Inc.MONONA$3,375
Todd HansonMONONA$1,405
Above & Beyond Home Health Care IncMONTICELLO$142,617
Back Home Chiropractic LlcMONTICELLO$1,594
City Of MonticelloMONTICELLO$8,319
Gary W Fisher Od PcMONTICELLO$14,630
Hillcrest Family ServicesMONTICELLO$23,664
Monticello Nursing Home CompanyMONTICELLO$117,036
Sinitram LlcMONTICELLO$5,773
City Of MontezumaMONTZUMA$3,197
Brian RarickMOUNT AYR$9,633
Dennis HemannMOUNT AYR$976
R.M.H. IncorporatedMOUNT AYR$52,768
Ringgold County HospitalMOUNT AYR$4,257,328
Care At Home IowaMOUNT PLEASANT$19,176
County Of HenryMOUNT PLEASANT$293
Family Medicine Of Mt. Pleasant, P.C.MOUNT PLEASANT$90,356
Heartland Health Management, Inc.MOUNT PLEASANT$278,097
Henry County Soldiers’ And Sailors’ Memorial HospitalMOUNT PLEASANT$5,402,630
Mt Pleasant Chiropractic Clinic LlcMOUNT PLEASANT$3,096
Pleasant Manor Care Center IncMOUNT PLEASANT$223,295
Reed M Bouchey Md PcMOUNT PLEASANT$64,597
Tyler MoellerMOUNT PLEASANT$5,708
Julianna Gondek Lisw LlcMOUNT VERNON$310
Kluver Chiropractic PcMOUNT VERNON$1,647
Lisbon-Mt Vernon Ambulance ServiceMOUNT VERNON$5,722
Mount Vernon ChiropracticMOUNT VERNON$5,404
Mt Vernon Eye Clinic PlcMOUNT VERNON$7,536
Byron LindenMOVILLE$3,632
Capstone Pharmacy IncMT PLEASANT$266
Cox Chiropractic Clinic PlcMT PLEASANT$11,171
Helmerson Chiropractic LlcMT PLEASANT$256
John HartMT PLEASANT$12,716
Mark KauffmanMT PLEASANT$5,234
Scott KauffmanMT PLEASANT$1,447
Southeastern Renal Dialysis L.C.MT PLEASANT$563,420
Back In Line Chiropractic And Massage LlcMUSCATINE$1,867
City Of MuscatineMUSCATINE$41,928
Elizabeth ZoggMUSCATINE$87
Family Eye CenterMUSCATINE$12,538
Family Resources IncMUSCATINE$1,246
Fresenius Medical Care Quad Cities LlcMUSCATINE$516,490
I Care Of Muscatine, IncMUSCATINE$42,788
Jeff HanssenMUSCATINE$3,010
Jz Physical Therapy IncMUSCATINE$22,059
Krueger Eyecare, Inc.MUSCATINE$3,107
Muscatine Urgent Care, PlcMUSCATINE$11,108
Onr National Speech Pathology IncMUSCATINE$6,239
Ora Orthopedics PcMUSCATINE$688,930
Premier Estates Of Muscatine, LlcMUSCATINE$113,796
Robert & Dawn Lagone Dpm PcMUSCATINE$20,453
Rock Valley Therapy Services PcMUSCATINE$4,782
The Lutheran Homes SocietyMUSCATINE$258,339
Virdi Eye Clinic Of Iowa PcMUSCATINE$37,660
Nashua Family Chiropractic PcNASHUA$1,416
Pitts Family & Sports Chiropractic Ctrs PcNEOLA$6,764
Frideres Chiropractic Clinic PcNEVADA$1,770
Kimberly Benton HerzbergNEVADA$169
Meyer Chiropractic PcNEVADA$570
Nevada Family Chiropractic IncNEVADA$403
Robb Schmidt, Od, PcNEVADA$16,160
Story County HospitalNEVADA$4,429,099
Chickasaw County Care Center Inc.NEW HAMPTON$89,434
County Of ChickasawNEW HAMPTON$18,979
Mercy Medical Center New HamptonNEW HAMPTON$3,943,810
New Hampton Care Center LlcNEW HAMPTON$83,919
Northeast Iowa Ems IncNEW HAMPTON$19,668
Paul EwertNEW HAMPTON$3,333
Riley F Uglum, Od PcNEW HAMPTON$19,101
Benjamin CarterNEW LONDON$348
Robert McpheronNEW LONDON$2,828
David NorthNEW SHARON$17,677
New Sharon Chiropractic PcNEW SHARON$1,601
Newhall Family ChiropracticNEWHALL$2,670
Ambroson Apothecary LlcNEWTON$2,798
Careage Of Newton LlcNEWTON$243,388
Center For Interpersonal Effectiveness, PcNEWTON$826
City Of NewtonNEWTON$34,830
Cross Chiropractic LlcNEWTON$325
Dr. Kevin G. Parsons P.C.NEWTON$2,290
Hunter Clinic Of Chiropractic IncNEWTON$1,997
Integrated Treatment Services LlcNEWTON$1,896
Mattes Family & Sports Chiropractic PcNEWTON$2,457
Mercy Medical Center-NewtonNEWTON$4,480,868
Michelle L. Cazett O. D. P. C.NEWTON$10,109
Newton Care LlcNEWTON$246,342
Newton Clinic PcNEWTON$149,564
Newton Eye Clinic PcNEWTON$8,738
Newton Family Eye Care PcNEWTON$17,938
Newton Health Care Center LlcNEWTON$307,340
Newton Village, IncNEWTON$151,774
Lisa KiesNORA SPRINGS$5,923
Nora Springs Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc.NORA SPRINGS$915
Barbara G Brown Md PcNORTH ENGLISH$759
English Valley Nursing Care Center IncNORTH ENGLISH$267,993
Anderson Chiropractic IncNORTH LIBERTY$1,012
Chiropractic Tlc PcNORTH LIBERTY$757
Humpal Chiropractic, LlcNORTH LIBERTY$639
Imagine Therapy Solutions PlcNORTH LIBERTY$1,014
Kay Family Chiropractic, PllcNORTH LIBERTY$926
Meadowlark Partners LlcNORTH LIBERTY$3,675
North Liberty Clinic Of Chiropractic PlcNORTH LIBERTY$3,714
North Liberty Family Health Centre, P.C.NORTH LIBERTY$11,511
Stevens Family Chiropractic PcNORTH LIBERTY$1,596
Hawco IncNORTHWOOD$392
Lutheran Retirement Home Inc.NORTHWOOD$243,511
Northwood Chiropractic PcNORTHWOOD$236
Welsh Chiropractic Clinic PcNORTHWOOD$2,889
Arch Foot And Ankle PcNORWALK$315
Bear Rx, LlcNORWALK$7,411
Brent DerocherNORWALK$7,173
City Of NorwalkNORWALK$9,026
Grx Norwalk IncNORWALK$2,197
Oakland Pharmacy IncOAKLAND$1,126
Brown Chiropractic PcOELWEIN$8,990
Cedar Valley Podiatry PcOELWEIN$49,241
Dons Pharmacy LtdOELWEIN$1,971
Dr Mark M Zimmer PcOELWEIN$4,035
Gearhart Chiropractic PcOELWEIN$3,685
Hamilton Medical Equipment Service IncOELWEIN$100,365
Meditelecare Of Iowa PllcOELWEIN$44,686
Northeast Iowa Mental Health CenterOELWEIN$7,527
Performance Rehab LlcOELWEIN$33,428
Rachel V Mortenson Od PcOELWEIN$3,841
Angela Christner & Associates LlcOGDEN$1,869
Functional Chiropractic PllcOGDEN$1,768
Hunter Chiropractic PlcOGDEN$2,439
Ogden Manor LlcOGDEN$211,001
One To One Physical Therapy PcOGDEN$8,446
Skin Care Clinic PllcOGDEN$6,177
Lammers Family Chiropractic PcOKOBOJI$1,742
My Skin Clinics PlcOKOBOJI$12,660
Art Of Podiatry LlcONAWA$2,823
Burgess Health CenterONAWA$4,292,581
Elmwood Care Center LlcONAWA$87,123
Family Focus Chiropractic LlcONAWA$756
Family Medicine Clinic, P.C.ONAWA$286,811
Mccloy Chiropractic ClinicONAWA$2,052
David L Gohman Od IncORANGE CITY$557
Dutch Mill CorporationORANGE CITY$3,303
Orange City Chiropractic Center PcORANGE CITY$4,501
Orange City Municipal HospitalORANGE CITY$991,695
Stange Chiropractic Clinic LlcORANGE CITY$8,363
Mercy Health Services- Iowa CorpOSAGE$251,969
Mitchell CountyOSAGE$17,413
Mitchell County Memorial HospitalOSAGE$4,249,883
Premier Estates 508 LlcOSAGE$70,646
Synergy Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine PcOSAGE$10,208
A First Step Chiropractic PlcOSCEOLA$10,187
Allergy Institute PcOSCEOLA$14,508
Clarke County Public HospitalOSCEOLA$4,288,213
Family Eye Care Of Osceola PcOSCEOLA$10,444
James AudlehelmOSCEOLA$1,710
Bowman Health, Inc.OSKALOOSA$2,896
Brian Vande ReeOSKALOOSA$1,483
Focuspoint Chiropractic PllcOSKALOOSA$830
Lindsays Chatterbox PllcOSKALOOSA$83
Mahaska County HospitalOSKALOOSA$5,459,924
Mahaska Drug IncOSKALOOSA$1,882
Oskaloosa Care Center IncOSKALOOSA$369,504
Oskaloosa Chiropractic Clinic PcOSKALOOSA$7,435
Oskaloosa Vision Center IncOSKALOOSA$35,677
Southern Iowa Mental Health CenterOSKALOOSA$9,853
Swim Chiropractic Care Center PcOSKALOOSA$2,104
Veldhuizen Chiropractic & Wellnes, Inc.OSKALOOSA$875
Wills CorporationOSKALOOSA$368,717
Ossian Senior Hospice IncorporatedOSSIAN$56,463
Associates In Kidney Care PlcOTTUMWA$90,968
Collaborative Laboratory Services LlcOTTUMWA$12,514
Cosgrove Chiropractic Clinic LlcOTTUMWA$5,290
Dr. J. Brent Altfillisch, O.D. P.C.OTTUMWA$19,667
Ear Nose Throat Of Southeast Iowa, P.C.OTTUMWA$12,658
Emergency Services Of Iowa LlcOTTUMWA$24,556
Family First Chiropractic Clinic PllcOTTUMWA$1,818
Foot & Ankle Clinics Of Southern Iowa PcOTTUMWA$21,343
Foot And Ankle Professional Centers Of Iowa, PcOTTUMWA$6,943
Fresenius Medical Care Ottumwa, LlcOTTUMWA$53,529
Iowa Kidney Physicians, P.C.OTTUMWA$161,116
Jason SothmanOTTUMWA$2,095
John T. Voyles And Or Heather K. VoylesOTTUMWA$10,830
Lindberg Chiropractic PcOTTUMWA$13,886
Mobile Medical Diagnostic ServicesOTTUMWA$4,955
Moore Hearing Clinic PcOTTUMWA$144
Nathan OverturfOTTUMWA$1,898
Nicholas MccullenOTTUMWA$554
Ottumwa Anesthesiologists PcOTTUMWA$9,623
Ottumwa Developments IncOTTUMWA$282,678
Ottumwa Health Group LlcOTTUMWA$112,001
Psychology Services Of Ottumwa LlcOTTUMWA$2,479
Rchp Ottumwa LlcOTTUMWA$6,180,675
River Hills Community Health Center Inc.OTTUMWA$1,279,695
South Side Drug IncOTTUMWA$9,329
Specialists In Medical Imaging ScOTTUMWA$761,329
Sports Medicine Diagnostic Center LlcOTTUMWA$1,647
City Of PanoraPANORA$16,160
Schreiber Family Chiropractic, P.C.PANORA$3,996
Parkersburg Chiropractic, P.C.PARKERSBURG$2,566
Taylor Physical Therapy Associates LlcPARKERSBURG$103,059
Wood Vision Clinic IncPARKERSBURG$47,349
Paullina Chiropractic PcPAULLINA$2,126
Town Of PaullinaPAULLINA$1,496
Eyecare Partners PcPELLA$20,545
Healthsource Chiropractic And Progressive Rehab Of Pella IncPELLA$2,366
Iowa Dermatology IncPELLA$29,376
Pella Regional Health CenterPELLA$6,760,382
Premise Health Of Iowa Medical P CPELLA$13
Red Rock Chiropractic Center PcPELLA$6,038
Scott AndersenPELLA$1,118
Sterling Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy PcPELLA$9,201
Work Systems Rehab PcPELLA$50,265
Centralia Peosta Community Fire DepartmentPEOSTA$890
Healthy Living Chiropractic PllcPEOSTA$299
Dallas County HospitalPERRY$3,901,376
Eye Care Associates LlcPERRY$22,186
Herman L. Rowley Memorial TrustPERRY$64,062
Hiedi Stjarna LanePERRY$1,537
Lutheran Home For The Aged Association-WestPERRY$312,526
Town Of PiersonPIERSON$743
Access Chiropractic And Wellness LlcPLEASANT HILL$382
Applied Behavioral Health Consultants, LlcPLEASANT HILL$9,726
Mark Anderson Family Chiropractic IncPLEASANT HILL$336
Pleasant Hill Chiropractic PlcPLEASANT HILL$907
Friemel Chiropractic PcPLEASANT VALLEY$226
Pleasantville Care Center LlcPLEASANTVILLE$248,461
Robert J Moratz Dpm PcPLEASANTVILLE$14,848
County Of PocahontasPOCAHONTAS$4,178
Dennis VonnahmePOCAHONTAS$5,555
J Rittgers IncPOCAHONTAS$3,863
Jp Manor LlcPOCAHONTAS$244,463
Pocahontas Community HospitalPOCAHONTAS$383,554
George KapposPOLK CITY$2,196
Justin R Sands Dc PllcPOLK CITY$283
Polk City Eyecare IncPOLK CITY$472
Tigges Chiropractic LlcPOLK CITY$595
Accura Healthcare Of Pomeroy LlcPOMEROY$194,487
Hartig Drug Co CorpPRESTON$32,660
Baum Harmon Mercy HospitalPRIMGHAR$230,123
Mhc Anesthesia ServicesPRIMGHAR$53,282
Primghar Chiropractic Center, Inc.PRIMGHAR$5,019
Body Basics Chiropractic PcRED OAK$3,129
Ccc PcRED OAK$1,260
Fountain Square Pharmacy IncRED OAK$572
Kismet Rdk, LlcRED OAK$85,137
Michael J Portz Od PcRED OAK$8,412
Midwest Pain Clinic PcRED OAK$95,883
Montgomery County Memorial HospitalRED OAK$5,309,015
Swfac PlcRED OAK$35,215
Parkview Manor, Inc.REINBECK$222,515
Reinbeck Firemen IncREINBECK$1,661
Shannon ClarkREINBECK$1,938
Cornerstone Senior Communities Of RemsenREMSEN$283,857
Timothy RussellREMSEN$2,721
Riceville Community Rest HomeRICEVILLE$181,277
Weber ChiropracticRICHLAND$2,155
Julie MeyersRIVERDALE$2,045
Linn County Eye Care PlcROBINS$123,342
County Of LyonROCK RAPIDS$8,832
Creative Living Center PcROCK RAPIDS$1,898
Michael L. Roetman, O.D.P.C.ROCK RAPIDS$4,828
Rapids Chiropractic PcROCK RAPIDS$4,878
Rock Rapids Care Center, LlcROCK RAPIDS$64,705
Hegg Memorial HospitalROCK VALLEY$4,115,685
Hope Haven, Inc.ROCK VALLEY$1,426
Rock Valley Chiropractic, LlcROCK VALLEY$2,566
Prairieland Chiropractic PcROCKFORD$2,488
Mason City Chiropractic IncROCKWELL$20,789
Rockwell Community Nursing Home, IncROCKWELL$206,863
West Fork Family Medicine PcROCKWELL$9,295
County Of CalhounROCKWELL CITY$17,728
Fistler Chiropractic LlcROCKWELL CITY$882
Nick Hildreth Memorial Clinic LlcROCKWELL CITY$1,706
Sinek Vision Clinic PcROCKWELL CITY$8,323
Sunny Knoll Care Center, LlcROCKWELL CITY$35,116
City Of RolfeROLFE$361
Camp Twp-Polk CountyRUNNELLS$1,482
Ruthven Community Care Center IncRUTHVEN$45,445
Sabula Ambulance ServiceSABULA$707
Counseling Services, LlcSAC CITY$9,554
County Of SacSAC CITY$25,193
Jenkins Chiropractic, LlcSAC CITY$1,962
Loring HospitalSAC CITY$3,781,508
Dbmc LlcSAINT ANSGAR$1,392
Salix Volunteer Fire DepartmentSALIX$405
Prairie View LeasingSANBORN$350,205
Sanborn Chiropractic Clinic PcSANBORN$3,152
Doris NahnsenSCHLESWIG$317
City Of Sergeant BluffSERGEANT BLUFF$2,746
Kismet Sux LlcSERGEANT BLUFF$96,729
Level Spine Chiropractic PcSERGEANT BLUFF$582
Nissen Family Chiropractic PcSERGEANT BLUFF$1,704
Sheffield Care CenterSHEFFIELD$56,752
Bart Chiropractic PcSHELDON$3,592
Choice Chiropractic LlcSHELDON$2,525
Miedema Chiropractic IncSHELDON$2,450
Sheldon Vision Care PcSHELDON$6,584
Spronk Vander Griend & RadkeSHELDON$17,547
Shell Rock Healthcare Center IncSHELL ROCK$220,896
Advanced Vascular And Vein Center LlcSHENANDOAH$39,490
Family Touch Home Health Care, LlcSHENANDOAH$317,711
Haysam Akkad, Md, PcSHENANDOAH$137,225
Midwest Mental Health LlcSHENANDOAH$722
Premier Estates 509 LlcSHENANDOAH$96,268
Premier Healthcare Of Shenandoah PcSHENANDOAH$5,575
Shenandoah Ambulance ServiceSHENANDOAH$27,746
Shenandoah Medical CenterSHENANDOAH$4,949,015
Vantage Rehab IncSHENANDOAH$3,576
Sherrill Fire Protection AssociationSHERRILL$988
Country View Manor IncSIBLEY$17,313
Osceola Community Hospital IncSIBLEY$273,064
Sibley Chiropractic PcSIBLEY$4,847
Consultant Pharmacists IncSIDNEY$1,458
The Ambassador Sidney IncSIDNEY$61,491
Keokuk County Health CenterSIGOURNEY$3,646,150
Sigourney Chiropractic And Wellness, LlcSIGOURNEY$2,277
Sigourney Health Care LlcSIGOURNEY$189,240
Avera Home Medical Equipment Of Sioux CenterSIOUX CENTER$22,850
City Of Sioux Center – City TreasurerSIOUX CENTER$5,677
Driesen Eye Center PcSIOUX CENTER$27,110
Goodcare Athome Rehab, LlcSIOUX CENTER$50,589
Greater Sioux Community Health Center IncSIOUX CENTER$145,101
Isakson Chiropractic Health Center PcSIOUX CENTER$2,327
Paul W Beaver Od PcSIOUX CENTER$9,912
Prairie Life Chiropractic PcSIOUX CENTER$1,600
Proactive Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, IncSIOUX CENTER$24,714
Sioux Center Chiropractic Wellness And Clinic PcSIOUX CENTER$828
Sioux Center HealthSIOUX CENTER$5,075,390
Steven KragtSIOUX CENTER$2,905
Adio Chiropractic LlcSIOUX CITY$1,208
American Home Health Care CompanySIOUX CITY$7,245
Barth Family Chiropractic, P.C.SIOUX CITY$924
Butler-Townsend Chiropractic Clinic PcSIOUX CITY$5,784
C3, IncSIOUX CITY$2,623
Catholic Charities Of The Diocese Of Sioux CitySIOUX CITY$1,944
Chiropractic First Of Iowa LlcSIOUX CITY$496
City Of Sioux City Accounting DivisionSIOUX CITY$46,336
Cj Elmwood Partners L PSIOUX CITY$150,455
Clifford J Meylor Dc PcSIOUX CITY$2,405
Countryside Health Investors LlcSIOUX CITY$288,134
Daniel Brodkey Od PcSIOUX CITY$946
David Van Wagner Md PcSIOUX CITY$9,962
Dermatology Associates Of Siouxland PcSIOUX CITY$31,340
Dr Greg J Mccarthy PcSIOUX CITY$50,650
Drilling Morningside Pharmacy IncSIOUX CITY$3,069
Family Health Care Of Siouxland PlcSIOUX CITY$782,650
Fluent Chiropractic Clinic PcSIOUX CITY$5,876
Gsshumaker, PllcSIOUX CITY$1,291
Hallmark Care LlcSIOUX CITY$226,970
Hanno Therapy Services IncSIOUX CITY$1,318
Hawkeye Clinic Of Marcus PcSIOUX CITY$1,632
Hedquist Eye Care, LlcSIOUX CITY$18,215
Holy Spirit Retirement Home IncSIOUX CITY$477,731
Indian Hills Health Care Of Sioux City LlcSIOUX CITY$438,621
Inside-Out Family Chiropractic PlcSIOUX CITY$2,610
James BjorkSIOUX CITY$3,353
James SnowdenSIOUX CITY$1,113
James W. Roat, M.D., P.C.SIOUX CITY$7,895
Jeffrey M Jernberg Dc PcSIOUX CITY$1,831
John D Kiernan OdSIOUX CITY$3,053
Jp Senior Healthcare LlcSIOUX CITY$546,634
Kruse-Manley Clinic Of ChiropracticSIOUX CITY$3,911
Kst Group, LlcSIOUX CITY$3,370
Lifetime Vision PlcSIOUX CITY$28
Marian Health Center-SmhcSIOUX CITY$3,919,394
Mcnaughton Plastic Surgery, LlcSIOUX CITY$937
Mental Health Associates,LlcSIOUX CITY$560
Michael BakerSIOUX CITY$12,851
Michael Wadzinski, PcSIOUX CITY$401,605
Multi Care Physicians Group PcSIOUX CITY$11,699
North Central Anesthesia LlcSIOUX CITY$7,192
Northwest Iowa Hospital CorporationSIOUX CITY$3,219,579
P R Horton Rph, IncSIOUX CITY$21,437
Parkview Psychological Services PcSIOUX CITY$1,290
Pathology Medical Services Of Siouxland PcSIOUX CITY$30,069
Patrick A. Walding Dc PcSIOUX CITY$1,009
Physical Therapy Specialists PcSIOUX CITY$35,641
Pierce Street Same Day Surgery, LcSIOUX CITY$95,401
Premier Estates 510, LlcSIOUX CITY$83,394
Qualicenters Sioux City, LlcSIOUX CITY$230,513
Robyn K Raskin PcSIOUX CITY$1,293
Rodney J Dean Md, PcSIOUX CITY$16,734
Sioux City Allergy & Asthma Associates PcSIOUX CITY$2,332
Sioux City Physical Therapy PcSIOUX CITY$9,163
Siouxland Adult Medicine, PllcSIOUX CITY$30,995
Siouxland Community Health CenterSIOUX CITY$469,552
Siouxland Diagnostic Pathology Services PllcSIOUX CITY$36,161
Siouxland Hearing Healthcare PlcSIOUX CITY$15,782
Siouxland Hospitalists PllcSIOUX CITY$69,826
Siouxland Internal Medicine Specialists PlcSIOUX CITY$67,784
Siouxland Medical Education Foundation, IncSIOUX CITY$48,546
Siouxland Mental Health Services, Inc.SIOUX CITY$15,603
Siouxland Regional Cancer CenterSIOUX CITY$1,358,848
Southern Hills Eye Care PcSIOUX CITY$11,804
Sunrise ManorSIOUX CITY$222,037
Thomas MolstadSIOUX CITY$1,309
Tri-State Specialists, LlpSIOUX CITY$141,267
Woodbury County GovernmentSIOUX CITY$109
Woodbury Emergency Group, PcSIOUX CITY$23,502
Woodbury Physician Services, PcSIOUX CITY$55,939
Arden KeuneSIOUX RAPIDS$4,098
Carrel Family Chiropractic Clinic PcSLATER$1,408
Bruce WrightSOLON$433
Fitzpatrick Family Chiropractic LlcSOLON$2,021
Solon Nursing Care Center IncSOLON$444,475
Avera Home Medical Equipment Of Spencer Hospital LlcSPENCER$32,222
Breuer Eye CareSPENCER$21,794
Crown Clinics LlcSPENCER$16,107
Dennis ZylstraSPENCER$771
Fisher Family Chiropractic PcSPENCER$1,466
Hometown Physical Therapy Holding Company LlcSPENCER$13,191
Longhouse-Northshire, LtdSPENCER$455,292
Midwest Radiology And Imaging PcSPENCER$48,421
Northwest Iowa Anesthesia AssociatesSPENCER$29,397
Northwest Iowa Mental Health CenterSPENCER$19,196
Northwest Iowa Surgeons PcSPENCER$44,819
Northwest Iowa Urologists PcSPENCER$97,416
Nwia Bone, Joint & Sports Surgeons, PcSPENCER$169,013
Orthopaedics PcSPENCER$28,458
Physicians Laboratory Of Northwest Iowa LtdSPENCER$9,967
Spencer Chiropractic & Wellness Center PcSPENCER$9,902
Spencer Convenient Healthcare LlcSPENCER$8,191
Spencer Municipal HospitalSPENCER$7,089,691
Spencer Psychiatric & Counseling Services LlcSPENCER$3,952
Spencer Total Family Eyecare PcSPENCER$4,705
St Luke Homes & Services IncSPENCER$438,241
Walburg Family Chiropractic LlcSPENCER$785
Accura Healthcare Of Spirit Lake LlcSPIRIT LAKE$431,019
Dixon Family Chiropractic PcSPIRIT LAKE$7,414
Hawkeye Care Center Of Dubuque LlcSPIRIT LAKE$113,458
Hill Avenue Chiropractic IncSPIRIT LAKE$346
Iowa Hospice LlcSPIRIT LAKE$545,681
Jason Hamm DcpcSPIRIT LAKE$1,803
Lakes Regional HealthcareSPIRIT LAKE$4,895,489
Steven FialaSPIRIT LAKE$6,207
Tarra Vander Leest Od PcSPIRIT LAKE$3,126
St. Ansgar Chiropractic PllcST ANSGAR$3,366
Stacyville Community Nursing HomeSTACYVILLE$37,392
Accura Healthcare Of Stanton LlcSTANTON$232,484
Town Of StantonSTANTON$395
City Of StanwoodSTANWOOD$489
State Center Chiropractic LlcSTATE CENTER$782
Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Clinic LcSTORM LAKE$5,431
Buena Vista Anesthesia Associates PlcSTORM LAKE$8,803
Buena Vista CountySTORM LAKE$4,936
Buena Vista Regional Medical CenterSTORM LAKE$5,188,308
Casey MillerSTORM LAKE$911
Centers For Allergy, Asthma And Immune Disorders PcSTORM LAKE$6,848
Function First ChiropracticSTORM LAKE$6,169
Methodist Manor Retirement CommunitySTORM LAKE$172,929
Nicholson Physical Therapy, PlcSTORM LAKE$5,433
R L Crampton DpmSTORM LAKE$8,718
Redenbaugh Chiropractic PcSTORM LAKE$1,272
Sports Rehab And Professional Therapy Associates IncSTORM LAKE$24,231
Storm Lake Medical PcSTORM LAKE$830
Vision Care Associates PcSTORM LAKE$29,387
Bethany Manor IncSTORY CITY$747,009
Heartland Family Chiropractic PllcSTORY CITY$545
Strawberry Point Lutheran Home For The AgedSTRAWBERRY POINT$163,774
Town Of Strawberry PointSTRAWBERRY POINT$2,708
Community Care Center, IncSTUART$317,703
Harmony Chiropractic, PcSTUART$942
Sully Fire DepartmentSULLY$1,351
Total Rehab Orthopedic And Sports Specialist PcSULLY$35,567
Hillcrest Home, Inc.SUMNER$278,986
Sumner Community ClubSUMNER$3,763,485
Sumner Emergency Medical Services, Inc.SUMNER$6,141
Town Of Swea CitySWEA CITY$2,086
Tabor Manor Care Center IncTABOR$291,638
Cullinan Chiropractic PcTAMA$3,141
Tiffin Chiropractic Center PlcTIFFIN$204
Tiffin Family Care PcTIFFIN$7,009
Cedar CountyTIPTON$20,179
City Of TiptonTIPTON$6,546
Darlene EhlersTIPTON$187
Niles Chiropractic IncTIPTON$3,094
The Cedar Foundation, Incorporated Of Cedar County IowaTIPTON$89,170
Michael HeyerTITONKA$196
Titonka Community Rest Home, Inc.TITONKA$43,609
Center AssociatesTOLEDO$12,791
Kevin ShanahanTOLEDO$1,261
Madsen IncTOLEDO$3,814
Premier Estates Of Toledo, LlcTOLEDO$102,918
Tama County Administrative OfficesTOLEDO$15,075
Toledo Emergency ServicesTOLEDO$10,053
Traer ChiropracticTRAER$6,375
Blair Chiropractic PllcTREYNOR$94
Tripoli Nursing And RehabTRIPOLI$156,331
Ann R Borseth PcTRURO$156
Underwood Family PracticeUNDERWOOD$268
Access Foot Care, PcURBANDALE$6,189
Acs Medical LlcURBANDALE$147,691
Advance Chiropractic Clinic P.C.URBANDALE$119
Advanced Eyecare Center P CURBANDALE$2,322
Advanced Spine Health CenterURBANDALE$343
Burkenbine Family Chiropractic, PllcURBANDALE$516
Campbell Neuropsychological Services, PcURBANDALE$5,057
Casady Family MedicineURBANDALE$643
Champions Recovery Room And Physical Therapy LlcURBANDALE$3,613
Chladek O & P IncURBANDALE$8,975
City Family Clinic PlcURBANDALE$514
City Of UrbandaleURBANDALE$21,431
Community Rehab Of Iowa LlcURBANDALE$18,016
Crystal IncURBANDALE$443,411
Deerfield Retirement Community IncURBANDALE$89,508
Des Moines Pastoral Counseling CenterURBANDALE$15,832
Des Moines Spine & Sport PllcURBANDALE$160
Dr Curtis Broek Od PcURBANDALE$7,325
E Medical Group Of Iowa No 2 LlcURBANDALE$32,200
Ervin Chiropractic PcURBANDALE$2,382
Greater Des Moines Dermatology PcURBANDALE$40,479
Halling Wellness Center IncURBANDALE$1,009
Hawkeye Health Services, Inc.URBANDALE$359,238
Judith NemmersURBANDALE$1,284
Medicap Pharmacy-Urbandale-Forbes Pharmacy IncURBANDALE$2,147
Nerem Family Chiropractic IncURBANDALE$2,504
The Christian Eye Clinic, PlcURBANDALE$1,373
Thrive Family Chiropractic PllcURBANDALE$9,217
Trisha BarakatURBANDALE$537
Urbandale Health Care Center LlcURBANDALE$495,242
Vermeer Quist Consulting LlcURBANDALE$5,289
Vermillion IncURBANDALE$2,544
Vision Park Family Eye Care, LlpURBANDALE$8,140
Wagner Family Chiropractic Clinic Inc.URBANDALE$6,489
Wesley At Home LlcURBANDALE$210,192
Wesley Community Services IncURBANDALE$247,005
Grace C Mae Advocate Center, IncVAN HORNE$18,803
Carr Chiropractic Clinics PcVICTOR$749
Southwest Iowa Families IncVILLISCA$2,611
Advanced Eyecare Associates Of Eastern Iowa Vinton PcVINTON$9,205
Betterton Family Chiropractic PcVINTON$11,164
Lutheran Home For The Aged Association-EastVINTON$250,819
Martin Eye Clinic IncVINTON$4,983
North Benton Ambulance Service, Inc.VINTON$12,307
Rex ChristyVINTON$1,696
Virginia Gay Hospital IncVINTON$4,191,629
Gaylord NordineW DES MOINES$2,893
Kirk NeustromW DES MOINES$11,036
Kirk WehrspanW DES MOINES$961
Randal David Reynolds Phd LlcW DES MOINES$3,321
Burt Clinic Of Chiropractic PcWALCOTT$16,295
Jennifer VondrakWALL LAKE$1,325
City Of WalnutWALNUT$1,851
City Of WapelloWAPELLO$6,813
Wapello Community Ambulance ServiceWAPELLO$156
County Of WashingtonWASHINGTON$20,864
Eastern Iowa Chiropractic Centre PcWASHINGTON$5,116
Eastern Podiatry PllcWASHINGTON$42,279
Edward BurdockWASHINGTON$291
Hospice Of Washington County, Inc.WASHINGTON$81,772
Jet Pt PcWASHINGTON$14,288
Thomas D Lowe, Od PcWASHINGTON$16,028
Tweeton Chiropractic PlcWASHINGTON$2,037
Tweeton Family Chiropractic, PlcWASHINGTON$3,690
United Presbyterian HomeWASHINGTON$127,780
Washington County Ambulance, Inc.WASHINGTON$34,416
Washington County HospitalWASHINGTON$737,412
Washington Eye Care CenterWASHINGTON$15,921
Allen Memorial Hospital CorporationWATERLOO$5,034,886
Amosson Chiropractic PcWATERLOO$873
Annie M. Kontos, P.C.WATERLOO$7,304
Barnard Plastic Surgery PcWATERLOO$8,626
Better Health Chiropractic IncWATERLOO$3,638
Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center IncWATERLOO$17,656
Brady HakemanWATERLOO$1,335
Cedar Valley Hospice, Inc.WATERLOO$502,577
Cedar Valley Medical Specialists PcWATERLOO$1,313,984
Cedar Valley Sleep CenterWATERLOO$5,529
City Of WaterlooWATERLOO$42,858
Clinical Pathology Associates, PcWATERLOO$14,282
Covenant Medical Center IncWATERLOO$5,361,130
Dermatology Associates PcWATERLOO$54,723
Drier & Associates, Inc.WATERLOO$1,460
Emotional Health Partners, LlcWATERLOO$309
Family Foot Healthcare PlcWATERLOO$42,762
Fiat Family MedicineWATERLOO$1,152
Freese Counseling LlcWATERLOO$171
Friendship Village Inc.WATERLOO$507,350
Greenwood Drug, Inc.WATERLOO$3,843
Hartzell Family Chiropractic PlcWATERLOO$1,855
Iowa Eyecare Associates PcWATERLOO$19,525
Jva Mobility IncWATERLOO$29,381
Kaila Egan O.D. PllcWATERLOO$4,438
Matthew SmithWATERLOO$33,307
Mercy Hospital Of Franciscan Sisters IncWATERLOO$3,695,433
Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation IncWATERLOO$74,913
Northeast Iowa Podiatry PcWATERLOO$25,954
Northern Iowa Cardiovascular And Thoracic Surgery Clinic PcWATERLOO$28,729
Nudak Ventures LlcWATERLOO$67,125
Open Arms Home Health Care – Waterloo, LlcWATERLOO$933
Pathways Behavioral Services IncWATERLOO$113,321
Peoples Community Health Clinic, Inc.WATERLOO$293,494
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Associates Of Northeast Iowa IncWATERLOO$22,723
Rasmussen Counseling And Spiritual Direction IncWATERLOO$24
Robert W. Fuelling, Dc, PcWATERLOO$3,764
Sartori Memorial Hospital IncWATERLOO$688,176
Summit Chiropractic Centers PcWATERLOO$6,073
Therapy Place IncWATERLOO$7,337
Unitypoint At HomeWATERLOO$3,789,581
University Chiropractic PcWATERLOO$1,064
Us Pt Physical Therapy Limited PartnershipWATERLOO$7,639
Vgm Group, Inc.WATERLOO$5,213
Waterloo Visiting Nursing AssociationWATERLOO$25,057
Absolute Performance Therapy, PcWAUKEE$6,127
Banning Chiropractic Group IncWAUKEE$448
City Of WaukeeWAUKEE$10,958
Colorado Chiropractic And Sports Injury Center LlcWAUKEE$554
Focus Eye Care PcWAUKEE$104
Fusion Foot And Ankle, LlcWAUKEE$6,516
Hammer & Forge Chiropractic LlcWAUKEE$307
Jana Poock Dpm PcWAUKEE$17,761
Kerkhoff Chiropractic IncWAUKEE$1,319
Key Potential Chiropractic LlcWAUKEE$674
Nicholas DerocherWAUKEE$2,441
Waukee Wellness & Chiropractic, PcWAUKEE$1,102
Younker Rehabilitation Therapy Services LlcWAUKEE$57,462
Hagensick Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.WAUKON$2,467
Veterans Memorial Hospital City Of Waukon IaWAUKON$3,995,862
Back To Health ChiropracticWAVERLY$1,493
Balanced Body Chiropractic, LlcWAVERLY$1,249
Bartels Lutheran HomeWAVERLY$570,052
Calease Chiropractic Center, LlcWAVERLY$2,418
Eye Care Center Of Waverly, PllcWAVERLY$2,818
Northern Iowa Therapy Associates LlcWAVERLY$80,084
Nuss Family Chiropractic PcWAVERLY$1,116
P And B Eye Care, LlcWAVERLY$19,289
Premier Dermatology LtdWAVERLY$82,863
Ryka IncorporatedWAVERLY$19,093
Waverly Health CenterWAVERLY$5,400,412
Wayland Mennonite Home AssociationWAYLAND$186,112
Boone County Comprehensive Specialty CareWEBSTER CITY$818
County Of HamiltonWEBSTER CITY$28,597
Crestview Nursing And Rehabilitation, LlcWEBSTER CITY$302,474
E-Med Mart IncWEBSTER CITY$9,208
Hamilton County Public HospitalWEBSTER CITY$4,658,217
Heffernan Enterprises PllcWEBSTER CITY$1,951
James KummWEBSTER CITY$658
Webster Care CorporationWEBSTER CITY$335,711
Douglas CampbellWELLMAN$1,251
Pharmacy On 8th LlcWELLMAN$344
Ryan MillerWELLMAN$1,676
Jillian HansenWEST BEND$3,310
Prairie Creek Healthcare IncWEST BEND$67,644
Burlington Ear Nose & Throat Clinic PcWEST BURLINGTON$72,508
Burlington Neurology And Sleep Clinic, PlcWEST BURLINGTON$63,610
Community Health Centers Of Southeastern Iowa IncWEST BURLINGTON$767,952
Dr Eric Botts & Associates LlcWEST BURLINGTON$27,978
Great River Medical CenterWEST BURLINGTON$11,672,227
Great River Physicians And Clinics IncWEST BURLINGTON$1,142,228
Heritage Park Pharmacy IncWEST BURLINGTON$4,375
River Cities Ophthalmology, P.C.WEST BURLINGTON$116,959
Accura Healthcare Of CarrollWEST DES MOINES$389,959
Accura Healthcare Of Cresco LlcWEST DES MOINES$270,729
Active Family Chiropractic & Wellness, P.C.WEST DES MOINES$608
Advanced Surgery Center Of Central Iowa LlcWEST DES MOINES$455
Allen KaufmanWEST DES MOINES$3,719
Allergy Asthma Sinus Center PcWEST DES MOINES$4,309
Arbor Springs Of West Des MoinesWEST DES MOINES$307,636
Ashworth Vision Clinic PcWEST DES MOINES$6,526
Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.WEST DES MOINES$137,982
Avalon Hospice Iowa LlcWEST DES MOINES$63,803
Barazanji Family Medical Clinic PcWEST DES MOINES$9,436
Beth M Amspaugh Md PllcWEST DES MOINES$7,769
Bowman Chiropractic LlcWEST DES MOINES$656
Catalina Dachiardi ResslerWEST DES MOINES$463
Central Iowa Ob/Gyn Specialists Of Des Moines PlcWEST DES MOINES$677
Central Rehabilitation LtdWEST DES MOINES$397
Central States Medicine PllcWEST DES MOINES$74,219
Child Psychiatry Associates PcWEST DES MOINES$5,874
Christopher C Zimmerman Dc PcWEST DES MOINES$595
City Of West Des MoinesWEST DES MOINES$66,439
Clement ChiropracticWEST DES MOINES$497
Community Health Partners LlcWEST DES MOINES$12,985
Cora Schuhmacher, Psy.D. PllcWEST DES MOINES$607
Cornerstone Pediatrics And Family Allergy, PlcWEST DES MOINES$7
Counseling Associates Of Central Iowa PcWEST DES MOINES$8,634
Dae, Inc.WEST DES MOINES$6,289
Dawn Marie Schissel PcWEST DES MOINES$3,162
Dawn O’Regan Clinical Therapy Services, LlcWEST DES MOINES$185
Dennis P Porto Md PcWEST DES MOINES$5,911
Des Moines Eye Surgeons, LlpWEST DES MOINES$167,033
Des Moines Orthopaedic Surgeons PcWEST DES MOINES$554,076
Diagnostic Imaging Associates, P.C.WEST DES MOINES$264,604
Dustin Daugherty, Lisw, LlcWEST DES MOINES$176
Eckhart & Wittrock, PlcWEST DES MOINES$442
Edgewater, A Wesley Active Life Community, LlcWEST DES MOINES$323,442
Elite Eye Care PcWEST DES MOINES$2,225
Elizabeth A Brown Md PcWEST DES MOINES$20,958
Enhanced Health Chiropractic PcWEST DES MOINES$479
Ep True Chiropractic Inc.WEST DES MOINES$1,327
Evans Neuropsychology And TherapyWEST DES MOINES$2,556
Fountain Health Centers IncWEST DES MOINES$551,554
General Surgery Physicians PcWEST DES MOINES$2,471
Hawkeye Estates LlcWEST DES MOINES$348,732
Iowa Ent Center PllcWEST DES MOINES$59,540
Iowa Home Care LlcWEST DES MOINES$88,934
Jacqueline M. Stoken, D.O., P.C.WEST DES MOINES$915
Jasmine Kim IncWEST DES MOINES$382
Jennifer OmanWEST DES MOINES$92
Jordan Creek Family Medical Clinic PcWEST DES MOINES$19,123
Kathryn E. Wierda, Ph.D., PllcWEST DES MOINES$66
Kim SkibstedWEST DES MOINES$480
Koch Facial Plastic Surgery PcWEST DES MOINES$17,604
Krista LongWEST DES MOINES$773
Krista M Brittain Psyd IncWEST DES MOINES$435
Lakeview Surgery Center LcWEST DES MOINES$424,921
Lynn M Lindaman Md PlcWEST DES MOINES$990
Malea A Jensen Do PllcWEST DES MOINES$627
Mcadams Eyewear, Inc.WEST DES MOINES$6,810
Metro Anesthesia & Pain Mngmt LlpWEST DES MOINES$99,618
Meyer Chiropractic Clinic PcWEST DES MOINES$1,219
Monthei Complete Wellness Chiropractic, LlcWEST DES MOINES$10,996
Mosaic Family Counseling Center IncWEST DES MOINES$2,615
New Leaf Mental Health Therapy LlcWEST DES MOINES$171
Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates Of Des Moines PlcWEST DES MOINES$9,183
Orthopaedic Outpatient Surgery Center LlcWEST DES MOINES$101,866
Parkway Optical IncWEST DES MOINES$572
Personalized Therapy IncWEST DES MOINES$5,069
Physicians Eye Clinic PllcWEST DES MOINES$6,847
Precision Chiropractic West PlcWEST DES MOINES$445
Price & Associates IncWEST DES MOINES$1,904
Psychiatric Health CorporationWEST DES MOINES$36,280
Ramic Des Moines, LlcWEST DES MOINES$2,218
Shinra PcWEST DES MOINES$5,311
Southern Iowa Orthopedics LlcWEST DES MOINES$26,026
Stadia Sports Medicine PcWEST DES MOINES$16,093
Stagner CounselingWEST DES MOINES$116
Stepping Stone Family Services IncWEST DES MOINES$118
Superior Integrated Health, LlcWEST DES MOINES$442
Tama Health Care Enterprises LlcWEST DES MOINES$67,683
The Fitting Place, IncWEST DES MOINES$7,118
The Iowa Clinic Endoscopy Center LlcWEST DES MOINES$69,950
The Iowa Clinic PcWEST DES MOINES$3,891,882
Thiele Chiropractic & Wellness LlcWEST DES MOINES$145
Urban Eyecare And Eyewear LlcWEST DES MOINES$7,319
Valerie Kounkel Do PllcWEST DES MOINES$14,240
Vero Chiropractic PllcWEST DES MOINES$3,100
Vitae Family Care Clinic LlcWEST DES MOINES$273
Ward Vision, LlcWEST DES MOINES$4,502
Waukee Chiropractic Center PcWEST DES MOINES$370
West Des Moines Ambulatory Surgical Center IncWEST DES MOINES$131,525
West Des Moines Ob/Gyn Associates PcWEST DES MOINES$3,202
West Des Moines Physical Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation PllcWEST DES MOINES$5,652
West Lakes Sleep Center, LlcWEST DES MOINES$48,749
Willow Grove Therapy Group LlcWEST DES MOINES$2,355
Wilson Chiropractic PllcWEST DES MOINES$1,028
Wolfe Clinic IncWEST DES MOINES$4,926,881
Wolfe Surgery Center LlcWEST DES MOINES$309,825
Active Health Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.WEST LIBERTY$810
City Of West LibertyWEST LIBERTY$4,785
Simpson Memorial Home IncWEST LIBERTY$524,168
West Point Care Center IncWEST POINT$212,804
John W Pleggenkuhle Dc PcWEST UNION$2,923
Palmer Lutheran Health Center IncWEST UNION$4,653,518
Swensen Family Chiropractic Clinic P.C.WEST UNION$418
West Union Eye Clinic PcWEST UNION$24,197
Westgate Fire & RescueWESTGATE$31
1 Psychiatry P.CWHITING$1,247
Whiting Commercial Development CorpWHITING$407,375
Agape Family Chiropractic LlcWILLIAMSBURG$2,847
Highland Ridge Care Center, LlcWILLIAMSBURG$357,936
Wester Drug, Inc.WILTON$12,294
Wilton Chiropractic Clinic, PllcWILTON$4,273
Carlson Chiropractic PllcWINDSOR HEIGHTS$650
City Of Windsor HeightsWINDSOR HEIGHTS$2,637
Dehoogh Family Chiropractic PcWINDSOR HEIGHTS$83
Iowa Surgery Center, P.C.WINDSOR HEIGHTS$2,533
Kasperbauer ChiropracticWINDSOR HEIGHTS$669
L Baxter Lisw LlcWINDSOR HEIGHTS$302
Mark L. Bottelson, O.D. And Associates, P.C.WINDSOR HEIGHTS$2,370
Robert J Verdoorn PcWINDSOR HTS$2,265
Winfield Health Care & Retirement Center IncWINFIELD$238,949
Wound Care Plus LlcWINFIELD$179,612
Ascherl Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Clinic LlcWINTERSET$930
Grx Ii, Ltd.WINTERSET$1,084
Lowe Chiropractic Clinic, PcWINTERSET$641
Madison County Medical Assoc, PcWINTERSET$16,779
Madison County Memorial HospitalWINTERSET$4,082,232
Millennium Rehab & Consulting IncWINTERSET$64,880
Montross Pharmacy IncWINTERSET$2,746
Stuart Hoven Chiropractic PcWINTERSET$5,948
Turning Point Evaluation IncWINTERSET$1,436
Calvin ChristophersenWOODBINE$1,181
Food Land Pharmacy IncWOODBINE$116
Rose Vista Home IncWOODBINE$110,719
United Clinical Laboratories, IncWYOMING$40,843
Zearing Health Care Center LlcZEARING$32,139

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