Opinion: Court correctly halts enforcement of Iowa ag gag law 2.0

U.S. District Court for the Southern District senior judge James E. Gritzner's preliminary injunction last month prohibiting the state of Iowa from enforcing a law making it a misdemeanor criminal offense against people using deception to gain access to agricultural production facilities for all practical purposes used the duck test.

The Ag Blazing Five for 2020 (and beyond)

It's that time of year again when your intrepid commentator whips out a divining rod, a scraying ball, a set of tarot cards and three marbles to prognosticate the most critical ag stories for 2020.

Opinion: There’s likely no repairing the tattered U.S. milk industry

Here is an indisputable fact ... at the end of the day the marketplace determines business success.  Especially when it comes to supply and demand of commodities. Have not enough supply and great demand and prices will go up.  Have just enough supply and great demand and prices will hold steady if not increase slowly.  

But have way way too much supply and dwindling demand and prices and sales will plummet rapidly.  And such is the case for the U.S. milk industry which for years have ignored supply and demand forces. 

Because the truth is there are too many milking cows in the U.S. while the American public have increasingly decided the answer to “Got Milk” is nope. The supply-demand imbalance reflects, in part, the management skill of U.S. dairy farmers. Way back in 1999 U.S. dairy cows produced an average of 17,763 pounds of milk a year.  

But thanks to better genetics and improved feed rations dairy cows produced an average of 22,775 pounds of milk annually by 2018.

Opinion: Kraft-Heinz branded latest market manipulator – and it won’t be the last

Yes it's true, that once in a while a company or individual does something so outrageously stupid that the government wakes up out of a slumber and recognizes a manipulation for what it is.

But when it comes to commodity manipulation the government has been over-matched.

For the purpose of this blog we're going to look at just two major, major commodity manipulations that share a common thread.

Opinion: American farmers catching on to gaslighting gasbag

As Dave Dickey writes, gaslighting has become a White House weapon of choice in trying to convince individual American farmers all is well while they financially are suffering from the POTUS agricultural policy choices.