Low Mississippi River has barges running aground, farmers’ crops piling up

Harvest season is underway for crops such as soybeans and corn, but farmers’ yields are piling up. Near-historic low water levels on the Mississippi River are slowing down barges and driving up shipping costs. With lower cargo capacity, shipments are getting backlogged. And until barge traffic picks up, shippers and farmers will continue to bear the brunt of high rates.

Se gastaron millones para mantener a los peces invasores fuera de los Grandes Lagos, pero ¿quién está protegiendo el río Mississippi?

Las agencias federales y estatales gastan millones de dólares cada año para mantener a las carpas invasoras destructivas fuera de los Grandes Lagos. Mientras tanto, al menos 25 especies destructivas, como pulgas de agua y camarones rojos, se están acercando poco a poco a la cuenca del río Mississippi.

GRAPHIC: A 40-year look at the busiest canal on the Mississippi River

Millions of tons of corn, wheat and soybeans travel down the Mississippi River each year to be shipped all over the world from New Orleans.

As of April 17, 641,000 tons of grain passed through Lock 27, a canal that runs more than two-dozen miles long and is located just outside of St. Louis in Granite City, Illinois.