‘Women in the industry have to work that much harder’

The male-dominated industry of American agriculture has challenged women both on the field and in the industry. They have had their knowledge doubted, been passed over for promotions and have been told starting a family would complicate their success.

EPA and Bayer had close contact in 2020 reinstatement of dicamba

In summer 2020, a federal court ruled the EPA showed too much deference to Bayer when it approved the company’s dicamba herbicide. This invalidated the approval. But, weeks later, Bayer began working the EPA again, according to newly obtained emails.

Las empacadoras de carne han dependido durante mucho tiempo de la mano de obra inmigrante. Ahora, algunas están recurriendo a trabajadores extranjeros.

Durante décadas, la industria cárnica ha contratado a inmigrantes y refugiados para realizar el peligroso trabajo de cortar carne, para consumo en los Estados Unidos. Ahora, un pequeño pero creciente número de plantas empacadoras están recurriendo a trabajadores bajo programas de visas.