The Iowa Center is pleased to share that we are in the process of finalizing our Board of Directors, a list of dedicated journalists and educators in Iowa.

The Directors will be announced later this month or in early March. We are grateful to have the investment of their time, experience and commitment.

The Iowa Center has also added a consultant who will focus on helping us find and apply for grants across the country to support our mission.

In the meantime, there are several ways you can help:

PARTNER. Please be in touch if you would like more information on the Center and how you, as a journalist, media outlet, sponsor, or student, would like to be involved in the creation of public affairs journalism in Iowa.

STORIES. We welcome tips and story ideas about the environment, public officials, health, education, the economy, or other areas of interest. Please email Robert at with your suggestions.

SUPPORT. Help of all kinds is so very welcome.

Thank you again for your help and interest.

We believe in providing educational opportunities to journalism students in Iowa while producing state and local, depth and investigative journalism.

But, we can only do this through partnerships with you!

photo: iowa department of tourism

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