Credit: Photo by Melanie Mackey

OSKALOOSA, Iowa — Jessica Magill received her associates of arts degree from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa right before graduating from high school in 2012 in Sigourney. On Saturday, May 10, she graduated from William Penn University with a degree in business management at the age of 20.

Although she got ahead in her college education she wasn’t sure about her job prospects yet. Perhaps her interviews at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in the Orlando, Fla., around the start of June after she graduates will land her a job in hospitality.

Jessica Magill has accomplished plenty already, preparing to graduate from William Penn University at the age of 20. Now, she must find a job.
Credit: Photo by Melanie Mackey

“I’ve done a lot of research between the two companies and several similar companies,” she said. “I’ve visited with family friends who have been or are in similar positions. And I’ve visited with executives from both companies who are interested in getting me interviews.”

Despite succeeding academically and getting a jump on the job market, Magill said she will graduate with around $15,000 in debt, accumulated during her two years of attending William Penn.

Before making her debt a priority, Magill also wants to travel. “Honestly, I’ll probably end up defaulting on my loans until I’m done traveling in Europe,” she said. “When I’m back I’ll begin searching for a big-girl job that pays real money and start slowly but surely digging my way out of debt.”

Despite her initiative to finish college early, Magill has many concerns about job prospects and paying off her debt.

“I feel that I chose business because I had no direction as to where I wanted to go. I think I crammed entirely too much education into my four years in college and I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up going,” she said.



Melanie Mackey, of Center Point, Iowa, graduated from William Penn University on May 10, 2014, with a degree in digital communication.

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