The national K-12 common core education standards have drawn attention from educators, parents, and government officials. The Iowa Core is to be fully implemented by the end of this academic year. But what is it, and why are so many talking about it?

The Iowa State Education Association supports the core standards, said Tammy Wawro, the association’s president.

“We are supportive of the theory and the philosophy in general that all students should have a bottom line standard of what they should know and be able to do,” she said.

But Tamara Scott of Concerned Women for America, said she was concerned about the loss of local control over education.

“The standards, though we might like the idea of everyone meeting a certain standard, are set at a federal or centralized level and for many that’s a great concern.”

“The education of our children, of all things, should be that which parents have control over,” she said

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