Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch

The Iowa Lottery hits its 30th anniversary this year. During its three-decade existence gamblers have spent $6 billion on the lottery, with $1.3 billion going to the general fund that supports Iowa’s state government. How else has that $6 billion been spent? Take the news quiz and find out.

[quiz key=”1VV1J_GHorHMmnSvav3cDJL10i2z-cfN91XaG8G-ues8″ byline=”Quiz By: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch” source=”Iowa Lottery; Iowa’s Veterans Trust Fund; “Gambling Attitudes and Behaviors: A 2013 Survey of Adult Iowans,” Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa Gambling Treatment Program; “30 Years In, Iowa Lottery Runs Contrary to States That Directly Fund Public Education,”” title=”What happens to the money you spend on the Iowa Lottery?” answerstyle=”bullets” ]

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