IowaWatch illustation by Danielle Wilde Credit: IowaWatch illustation by Danielle Wilde

You’ve read about tanning beds, texting while driving and farm safety in IowaWatch stories this past year. This week’s news quiz brings you up to date as of March 20 on where these matters stand in the Iowa Legislature.

[quiz key=”14uGLaO2wWwpUXEtvOl-EO11tmH6wNSDI3UW8Vwvm6sU” answerstyle=”bullets” byline=”By: Lyle Muller” title=”Checking in on legislation related to stories we’ve published” source=”Previous IowaWatch stories (as cited in quiz answers); Iowa Legislature website:; ‘Poll: Iowans support tougher texting-while-driving laws,’ Des Moines Register, Feb. 23, 2015″ ]

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