The presidential race is heating up in Iowa. With Iowa being the birthplace of former President Herbert Hoover we checked some controversies about the birthplaces of others with an eye on the White House, past and present.

[quiz key=”1pamHu9tJxPJLXe–1moxEwP53oDMjvTEWBCap7OLisk” byline=”By: Lyle Muller” title=”What does the U.S. Constitution say about presidential birthplaces?” source=”U.S. Archives/U.S. Constitution; ‘On the Meaning of Being a Natural Born Citizen,’ Neal Katyal and Paul Clement, Harvard Law Review;; U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website; ‘How Ted Cruz, the Calgary-born U.S. senator, could become president,’ CBC News;; Dallas News; Herbert Hoover National Historic Site website.” answerstyle=”bullets” ]

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