We have watched racial tension in Baltimore and other places in the United States in the past few months while also hearing about the historical reasons behind this unrest. But what about race relations in Iowa? This news quiz, which we originally published in January, will test your knowledge.

[quiz key=”1D4_XT52juCcbR4bsTwugbYE6nGMp5F3N_B7fhuBdee8″ answerstyle=”bullets” byline=”Quiz By: Steve Berry/Co-founder of IowaWatch” source=”The Long, Hot Summer of 1967: Urban Rebellion in America by Malcolm McLaughlin, Race and the Problem of Crime in Time and Newsweek Cover Stories, 1946-1995, The North Side Revolutionaries in the Civil Rights Struggle: The African-American Community in Des Moines and the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, 1948-1970 by Bruce Fehn and Robert Jefferson” ]

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