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Opioid abuse, in the form of prescription painkillers and heroin, has contributed to a growing number of Iowa emergency room visits and overdose deaths in the past decade. Although some efforts are underway to counteract the trend, IowaWatch recently examined one life-saving measure — bills providing expanded access to an overdose reversal drug called naloxone — that have failed to pass through the Iowa Legislature.

[quiz key=”1VuhukadW3nk9k_Y4aM05PWVEwEHrZnfhIkcoKvTwwFk” byline=”Quiz By: Lauren Mills/IowaWatch” title=”‘Slow On The Draw:’ Iowa’s Fight Against Opioid Addiction” source=”‘Slow On The Draw: Iowa Repeatedly Nixed Expanded Access To Life Saving Overdose Drug,’ IowaWatch; National Institute on Drug Abuse; ‘Drug Scheduling,’ U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration; ‘Medicine Plus,’ U.S. National Library on Medicine; Iowa Legislature Bill Book; ‘Popular Names of Constitutional Provisions,’ Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington; Naloxone photo from Adapt Pharma.” answerstyle=”bullets”]

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