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On Nov. 20, 2008, UNESCO named Iowa City, Iowa its third City of Literature, after Edinburgh, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia. Test your knowledge of Iowa’s City of Literature and learn more about its literary identity and tradition.

[quiz key=”1qaamO5TTirSBA6eo3rp6vuBJ51Ieo5oWULO9cJiuQBU” byline=”Quiz By: Christina Rueth/IowaWatch” answerstyle=”bullets” title=”Iowa’s City of Literature” source=”Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature webpage; ‘Application for Iowa City, Iowa, USA to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network,’ Dec. 19, 2007; ‘Fun facts: the University of Iowa and Iowa City,’ Daily Iowan; ‘Flannery O’Connor,’ The Writing University; ‘William Faulkner,’ Biography webpage; ‘Ernest Hemmingway,’ Iowa City Book Festival webpage; Biography webpage; ‘Historic Flooding Teaches University of Iowa Tough Lessons,’ by Dan Hounsell, Utilities Net, July 2014; ‘Iowa City Book Festival: Living Up to the City of Literature Name,’ by Zach Berg, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sept. 30, 2015; ‘UI Pulitzer Prize Winners,’ The University of Alumni Association; ‘It was the sunset of Sam Clemons’ years,’ by Sarah Tisinger, Muscatine Journal, Oct. 6, 2014; ‘Mark Twain’s Riverboat Rumblings,’ by Garrison Keillor, The New York Times; ‘Reading from ‘Of The Conduct Of the Understanding,” John Locke; ‘Amy Lowell,’ Writing Services webpage; ‘National Award Book Classics: Flannery O’Connor,’ National Book Foundation. Photos provided by John Kenyon, Executive Director, Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature.” ]

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