Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch

A recent IowaWatch report reveals that many elderly people have become scammers’ easy targets and lost billions of dollars in the past several years. Take this news quiz and find out how much you know about financial scams that target seniors, and how to deal with them.

[quiz key=”1bQQ1XZWe7zok5FDPshdCSW5HrvHrtrdhXQ2dXtlZoQI” title=”Three questions that can help you fight back” byline=”Quiz By: Jiangqi Guo/IowaWatch” source=”True Link Financial website; AARP; Iowa Insurance Division; ‘Scammers Who Target Unsuspecting Elderly Steal Billions Each Year,’ by Anne Easker,, May 24, 2016.” answerstyle=”bullets” ]

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