Verne Marshall, whose work as editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette earned the newspaper its only Pulitzer Prize in 1936. Credit: Courtesy of The Gazette

He exposed corruption and helped his newspaper win a Pulitzer Prize in the 1930s. But how one-time Cedar Rapids Gazette Editor Verne Marshall did it was anything but ordinary.

This podcast of an IowaWatch Connection radio report features an extensive interview with Jerry Harrington, who writes about Marshall in his book, “Crusading Iowa Journalism Verne Marshall: Exposing Graft and the 1936 Pulitzer Prize,” published by The History Press.

Verne Marshall. became managing editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette in 1914 at the same time his father, Harry, was named editor. The younger Marshall previously has worked as either a reporter or editor for three papers: the Cedar Rapids Republican, Sioux City Journal and the Minneapolis Tribune. He served from 1917-18 in a World War I ambulance unit. He returned to The Gazette as managing editor in 1918. Marshall became secretary and editor following his father’s death in 1932. He served as editor until 1941, when he was succeeded by Harry Boyd. Marshall died on March 24, 1965, at the age of 74. His son, Clare, was Gazette promotion manager from 1934-44. Photo circa 1946. Credit: Photo courtesy of The Gazette

“I think he was probably a difficult person to get along with. He was unafraid of writing anything in the newspaper when he felt he was on the side of righteousness,” Harrington said.

“He was an investigative journalist from the word, ‘go’. And he was dedicated to the proposition that whenever a journalist uncovered any sort of corruption in terms of public officials it was the duty of that newspaper to drive and to investigate and to report and uncover and shine a light on that as best as he could.”

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