Thanks to dozens of readers like you and matching grants, The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting raised nearly $12,000  as part of a 30-day #newsmatch challenge from the Knight Foundation between Dec. 19, 2016 and Jan. 19, 2017.

Your tax-deductible gift was further matched through the generosity of the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.

The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation continues to match your donations as part of a $25,000 match to the Midwest Center.

We’re almost there.

Since August, the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting has raised $18,500 to meet the match challenge.

We only need $6,500 more to finalize the match.

Your gift to the Midwest Center will fund our reporters and center as they produce the stories that matter – telling the truth and holding powerful institutions accountable through fact-based journalism.

This year the Midwest Center reporters traveled throughout the nation to tell the stories of migrant farm workers who work for low pay and live in terrible housing conditions.

In Michigan, a migrant couple told of the bed bugs that plagued their sleep, the lack of plumbing that forced them to wash with a bucket of water all while earning $7 an hour for their work.

In Texas, other workers told of being recruited to fields in Iowa, where promises of higher wages and better living conditions were broken.

The Midwest Center dug also into federal data on ethanol spills and showed those spills have increased exponentially this decade, threatening our environment and safety.

And it initiated a project to show how climate change will impact farmers and taxpayers.

We need your help to ensure this high-quality reporting continues at a time when mainstream media has little time or resources to report on Big Agribusiness even though the industry impacts so many parts of our life — from food to labor to energy to the environment.

Please make a gift today.

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