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The rhetoric was intense during the 2016 presidential campaign but voters have spoken, a new president is in the White House and the need for heated exchanges seemingly should be behind us. But has the rhetoric cooled off at Iowa’s college campuses, where the notions of free speech rights and fostering an exchange of ideas are considered to be vital to the learning process?

Student journalists on six Iowa college campuses are trying to find out.

We want to pay stipends to these student journalists in an IowaWatch/College Media reporting project who are interviewing students, faculty members and administrators to learn about this topic and to report it to you later in spring.

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More About The 2017
IowaWatch/College Media Reporting Project:


The goal for this special report is to produce an important multimedia story in print, online, visually and for radio and podcasting a news story Iowans have to pay attention to while IowaWatch also helps budding journalists grow professionally.

Visitors to the Newseum Institute in Washington, D.C., are asked whether or not colleges and universities should limit speech as a way to protect students from hateful comments. The informal result when this photo was taken April 3, 2016, was no. Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch

This project is another installment of annual spring projects in which IowaWatch engages journalism students in reporting that examines important issues. Our previous stories have tackled student debt, voter behavior, the exodus of students graduating from Iowa colleges and then leaving the state, and whether or not people try to restrict speech on college campuses.

Last year’s project resulted in an invitation to IowaWatch and three student journalists working on the project from the Newseum Institute to be part of a one-day national conference on the topic of speech limits on college campuses.

Successful crowdfunding campaigns in each of the last two years allowed us to pay students in those reporting projects we’d like to do that again.

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