Lucas Smith, William Penn University Credit: Submitted photo

Q: How much did you pay for all textbooks, hard copy and e-textbooks, this semester?

Lucas Smith: I paid $350 for all my books.

Lucas Smith, 21
Spring 2018 senior
William Penn University
Hometown: Sully, Iowa
Major: Sports and Recreation management

Q: What was your most expensive book, and how much did it cost?

The most expensive book was Sports Law and I believe it cost around $200.

Q: How often do you use your textbooks?

Smith: Three times a week for one book and 1 time a week for another.

Q: How much did you spend on e-textbooks this semester?

Smith: $50.

Q: How often do you use the Internet?

Smith: I use the Internet almost daily.

Q: Did you resell your books from last semester, and if so, how much money did you get back from them?

Smith: I didn’t resell them for future references.

Q: Does the value you get from your textbooks match what you pay for them?

Smith: I don’t think they do right now because the professors don’t use them every day and these books get way too pricey.

Q: Do you think it is necessary that college books are so expensive especially considering students having limited income?

Smith: No, because some students can’t afford to get their books at all and it hurts their education and it’s already expensive enough.


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