Susan Letsch, Buena Vista University

Q:  How much did you pay for all textbooks, hard copy and e-textbooks, this semester? We need actual costs, not guesses or vague statements, such as “a lot.”

Susan Letsch: This semester I’ve spent an estimated $250 on textbooks.

Susan Letsch, 21
Buena Vista University
Spring 2018 junior
Hometown: Le Mars, Iowa
Major: Social Work and Criminal Justice

A:  What was your most expensive book, and how much did it cost?

Letsch: Most of the books I rented this year, but my most expensive book would probably be my brand new, um, art book. And that was more than $100 itself.

A: How often  you use your textbooks?

Letsch: Once in a long time, like every four months. I have only used it once this semester started.

Q: How much did you spend on e-textbooks this semester?

Letsch: I did not get any E-textbooks.

A:  How often do you use the Internet vs textbooks?

Letsch: I use my computer every day, but I don’t think it’s the same. I’m not using any material from the book.

A:  Did you resell your books from last semester, and if so, how much money did you get?

Letsch: I sold them back to the bookstore last semester and the bookstore gave me like 15 dollars for 600 dollars worth of books.

A:  Does the value you get from your textbooks match what you pay for them?

Letsch: I think it depends on the class, but most of the time; no.

A: Have you ever ordered your textbooks from the school bookstore?

Letsch: Absolutely, not.

A: Where do you mostly get your books from?

Letsch: Amazon.

A: And do you rent them or buy them?

Letsch: I used to buy them every year because I wanted to be able to mark in them but this year they were too expensive so I had to rent all of them.


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