In today’s college world, two things terrify students: failing a class and textbook prices.

The price of textbooks has been rising, rising 250 percent the past 34 years. Often, students buy a book and either never use it again, or get a low buyback price, if selling at all, a spring 2018 IowaWatch/College Media Journalism Project showed.

What do students think about the price of textbooks? How do the professors decide what book to use? This podcast answers those questions.

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The 2018 IowaWatch/College Media Journalism Project:
Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch graphic

Student journalists working with IowaWatch conducted more than three dozen interviews in February and March for this report. Those journalists are:
Lauren Wade, Maria Curi, Helaina Thompson and Hannah Archambeau at the University of Iowa; K. Rambo, Alex Connor, Caitlin Yamada, Jill O’Brien and Naye Valenzuela at Iowa State University; Amber Krieg at Loras College; Sabrina Bryant, Keegan VanDevender, Jasmin Sonnenschein, Jace Neugebauer, Jimmy Ott and Helene Larsen at William Penn University; Kylee Deering, Olivia Wieseler, Emily Kenny, Kyle Wiebers, Tyler Brunner, Madeleine McCormick and Alyssa Donnelly at Buena Vista University; Sofia Legaspi and Anna Flanders at the University of Northern Iowa; and Blake Carlson and Zoe Seiler at Simpson College.
Special thanks to Andrea Frantz, Buena Vista; Matt Wagner, William Penn; Craig Schaefer, Loras College; and Emily Barske and Mark Witherspoon, Iowa State Daily.

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