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Four registered hate groups were listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Map as operating from Iowa in late July 2018. They are called the Daily Stormer, Gallows Tree Wontansvolk Alliance, ACT for America and Great Millstone. Four hate groups is a relatively low amount when compared to other U.S. states.

During the 1920’s the Ku Klux Klan was present in Iowa, making its way into the state shortly after World War I. During this time the Klan experienced a national rebirth and membership was soaring to new highs across America. However, as time went on its numbers dwindled.

This news quiz shows the extent of white supremacy incidences in Iowa history.

[quiz key=”159GVbhCKyciLqKVpcXVUQFftJUzE2mkkuRcGdfZJFxc” title=”Scars Left by Hate Groups in Iowa” byline=”Quiz by: Matthew McDermott/IowaWatch” source=”‘Time Machine: History of the Klan in Iowa,’ by Diane Langton, The Gazette; ‘Neo- Nazi Site Daily Stormer is Banned by Google After Attempted Move from GoDaddy,’ by Bill Chappell, Iowa Public Radio; ‘Five Iowa high school students seen wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods and holding gun booted from the football team,’ by David Boroff, New York Daily News; ‘White hoods, Confederate flag: Iowa students disciplined after photo surfaces,’ by Kyle Munson, Linh Ta, Cody Goodwin, Charly Haley, Des Moines Register; ‘Lawsuit threatened after 5 Iowa students pictured with burning cross kicked off team,’ by Linh Ta, Des Moines Register; Hate Map, The Southern Poverty Law Center; ACT for America Anti- Defamation League; ‘Ku Klux Klan,’” answerstyle=”bullets” ]

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