Small Iowa towns struggle to stay alive as people move away and others do not move in to replace them. Humeston, Iowa, with just shy of 500 people, is one of those towns.

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Photos and video by Emily Carey and Austin Hronich, editing by Emily Carey for IowaWatch.

This report is the result of an IowaWatch Simpson College Journalism Project involving student journalists in Simpson’s spring 2019 journalism seminar.

Left to right, Dustin Teays, Taylor Bates, Austin Hronich, Randy Paulson, assistant professor Mark Siebert, Emily Carey, Zoe Seiler. Credit: Lyle Muller/IowaWatch

Reporters for the project were:

  • Randy Paulson
  • Zoe Seiler
  • Emily Carey
  • Austin Hronich
  • Taylor Bates
  • Dustin Teays

The journalists worked on this story starting in January 2019 with Lyle Muller of IowaWatch and Mark Siebert, Simpson assistant professor of multimedia communication.

Type of work:

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