A roundup of news, reports and research on agribusiness and related issues. 

The Food and Drug Administration issued a new parameter for food expiration labeling. The new guideline pours all of the previous labels into one: best if used by. The agency hopes this will cut down consumer food waste.

Tyson Foods Inc. hasn’t announced an official decision on if the company will move forward with an over-billion-dollar venture in Kazakhstan. There is some speculation that if the investment goes through, Tyson would escape U.S. taxes.

American food banks are running into problems with the Trump administration’s farm bailout program. The program has created an influx of milk and other foodstuffs but the food is quickly spoiling.

Personal income is down for farmers around the U.S. It’s the biggest decrease in the past few years. To make matters worse, major flooding continues to hit the Midwest, accompanied by the trade war with China.

The amount of farmland held by overseas investors has increased, twofold. It is likely more land will be taken out of the hands of Americans over the next few years.  

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