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A renovated Cargill feed production facility in Temple, Texas has gone live; it has been expanded to 70,000 square feet to address feed demand in the region.

These new foods are the opposite of whole foods. Some nutritionists and food industry leaders are wondering if the food system is being led astray by foods that need their flavor and appeal inserted industrially.

The Trump Administration said the U.S. aims to sign “Phase One” deal this month (possibly in Iowa).  China’s Xinhua News Agency said U.S. and China had reached a “consensus on principles” during Friday’s phone call. 

The farmers just can’t catch a break with the weather. Nationwide, the corn crop was 41% harvested as of Sunday and soybeans were 62% collected. The slowest pace in a decade.

Tyson Foods broke ground on a $300-million dollar meat packaging plant in Eagle Mountain, Utah, on Tuesday. This is Tyson’s first “case operation” in the west, local reports say.

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