A virtually connected group of professionals, Keeping Educated Youth in Des Moines, hosted a webinar April 24. Included were tips for how seniors can go about obtaining a job in a pandemic. 

Tips for seniors from the panel:

Network. Getting on LinkedIn and connecting with people who are in your preferred career path is a great start to getting into the industry.

Expect hiring to return. Students should expect after the sharp decline in hires that there will be a sharp incline in hires when work restrictions are lifted.

Perfect the virtual interview. Being prepared for phone or virtual interviews will help set you apart as well as dressing up, camera angle, and lighting to put your best look forward. 

Be flexible. Adapt for the time table the company is working with on setting up the interview. Make sure you can be available for what works for the company. 

Businesses are in the same boat. Students want to get hired, businesses want to have their interns working with them at the company site. Everyone is in the same boat of change and you have to be understanding while staying active in the job search.


Panelists included: Mary Bontrager of Greater Des Moines Partnership, Dylan Dejong of Vermeer, Bryan Gilbreaith Wells Fargo, and Mady Schmidt CO-OP Financial Services. 

The K.E.Y group is a 10-year-old program designed to connect local colleges and universities with employers. The program follows the school calendar, kicking off in September and finishes in May. Human resource educational events are offered bi-monthly for business owners and human resource professionals to participate according to YGM Total Resource Campaigns

Seniors who are stuck in the middle of the pandemic and looking for help, here are some tips that were provided by the Keeping Educated Youth in Des Moines panel this past week.

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