Corn begins to sprout near Champaign, Illinois, on Thursday, May 18, 2023. (Photo by Darrell Hoemann/Investigate Midwest)

Investigate Midwest is pleased to announce that it has received $125,000 in matching grants from the Reva & David Logan Foundation in Chicago. This is in addition to $100,000 for newsroom general operations for each of the last two years.

The funds will support Investigate Midwest’s editorial efforts as it seeks to widen its coverage of agribusiness and related issues throughout the region.

The grants represent $25,000 and two $50,000 matching grants awarded after Investigate Midwest landed three first-time grants from other funders.

The Logan Foundation is a Chicago-based family foundation that provides strategic grants to support social justice, the arts and investigative journalism both in Chicago and around the world.

“The Logan Foundation has been crucial to the growth and impact of our reporting,” said Brant Houston, board president of Investigate Midwest. “And the matching grants have been extraordinary in increasing our base of support.”

Investigate Midwest, also known as the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, was created in 2009 in Kansas City before moving to Champaign, Illinois, in 2012. It has won national and regional awards for its in-depth reporting.

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