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This week, the Kansas City Star released a three-part series on the beef industry after a year-long investigation.

Harvest Public Media contributed to the project and produced several radio stories on the topic, including an interview with project reporter Mike McGraw.

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Harvest Public Media: Newspaper series faults Big Beef

“What should you know about the beef on your plate? After a 12-month investigation, The Kansas City Star answers that question with a three-part series on the beef industry.”

Harvest Public Media: Public research for private interests

“Abraham Lincoln established the land-grant colleges 150 years ago as the “peoples’ universities” – places where research could be done to help the common man. But times have changed and public colleges in the top five beef-producing states are now increasingly working for big business.”

Harvest Public Media: Judging a cow by more than its cover

“For centuries, ranchers have made cattle-mating decisions based on the outward appearance of animals. But times have changed thanks to an emerging understanding of cattle genetics.”

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