For over a century, drainage tiles have played a significant role in Iowa agriculture. Tiles, a network of underground perforated tubing which drain excess water to below ground level, allow crops to grow stronger roots and absorb more nutrients and have proven effective in increasing yields. But tile systems have also been targets of criticism from environmentalists who point to tiles’ environmental impact. How much do you know about Iowa’s drainage tiles?

[quiz key=”1WtFBweRanWX2ICakDjAy-CLPoCElOtncS1a7Gw30ptk” byline=”Quiz By: Clare McCarthy” title=”History of Drainage Tiles in Iowa” answerstyle=”bullets” source=”Iowa Drainage Law Manual, Iowa Drainage District Association, History Engine: Tools for Collaborative Education and Research, Iowa Public Television, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Iowa State University: Extension and Outreach” ]

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