3 thoughts on “GMOs, Monsanto and the fight against climate change

  1. There is an arrogance to the GMO guys. The plants that sustain us evolved over millions of years and everyone of them is marvel. The GMO guys think they can make them better. The fact is that if you put every GMO expert in a big room with every known element the would not be able to come up wih a single blade of grass.

  2. This article is so lame. It says farmers have rushed to adopt GMO seed “in part because of climate change concerns”. That’s total BS. The majority of such seeds are for herbicide tolerance, most obviously Roundup Ready, and farmers have gone for them because they provide very simple weed control. Too simple, in fact, which is why the system is falling apart due to all the resistant weeds, leading to a slew of new (and still more expensive) GMO seeds that are tolerant to even more toxic herbicides, like 2,4-D and Dicamba. This is a GMO-pesticde treadmill. It deserves genuine investigation not this inane greenwash.

  3. This article is indeed greenwash, as Spinacek correctly points out. GM crops are created to promote pesticide sales. The few GM crops that are not made to be Roundup-resistant incorporate a pesticide in their genetic makeup, such as the Hawaiian papaya, which now contains the BT bacillus (and which I now avoid). The subtext of this article is that if we would all please get on board and support Monsanto, we can continue to purchase monster SUV Armadas, Tundras and Equinoxes.

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