Left to right, Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (2017-); former Republican Iowa Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bourke Hickenlooper (1943-45 as governor); Gov. Ansel Briggs (1846-50), a Democrat who was Iowa's first elected governor; and former Republican Gov. Terry Branstad (1983-1999, 2011-17). Credit: IowaWatch photo illustration

Terry Branstad resigned on May 24, 2017, his long-held position as Iowa governor to take his new job as U.S. ambassador to China, handing to Kim Reynolds responsibility for the duties required of Iowa’s chief executive officer.

Reynolds made history as Iowa’s first female governor. Here is a chance to test your knowledge on some other governors who have served Iowa during its history.

[quiz key=”1tXQyTcrQ2Nbx2jSNmGqAvw6xbyHThmjjLYOL-fFYSvA” title=”Things you may not have known about Iowa’s chief executives” byline=”Lyle Muller/IowaWatch” Source=”Iowa Official Register, The Iowa Heritage Digital Collections/State Library of Iowa, National Governors Association, State Historical Society of Iowa”]

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