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A controversy we’ve covered in the past has resulted in a shut down for a Missouri animal farm.

According to a new ground-breaking study about on-farm food loss from Santa Clara University, a whopping one third of edible produce—or 33.7 percent—remains unharvested in the fields and gets disked under. 

China has largely turned to South America for soybeans since the trade war began last year. U.S. soybean sales to China in 2018 dropped 74% from the previous year.

Less than six months to the Democratic primaries, so Iowa is getting busy. Modern Farmer looks at the possibilities and how they might affect farmers.

In 2019, officials in nearly 30 states have proposed bills to prohibit companies from using words such as meat, burger, sausage, jerky or hot dog unless the product came from an animal that was born, raised and slaughtered in a traditional way.

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