A roundup of news, reports, and research on agribusiness and related issues.

Costco will control the production process from farm to store, making key decisions down to the grain chickens eat and the type of eggs hatched. Costco has even put its socially-conscious corporate reputation on the line.

A federal judge on Friday blocked a contentious Trump administration rule that would have given the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) leeway to deny visas and green cards to immigrants who use food stamps. 

 A third of commercial fish stocks are being harvested at biologically unsustainable levels and 90 percent are fully exploited, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

By official accounts, the pig contagion wreaking havoc across Eastern Asia has virtually skipped over North Korea. But wayward feral pigs have stoked concern that Kim Jong Un’s reclusive state is hiding an African swine fever disaster.

They alleged that, for years, supervisors brushed their genitals against them and grabbed their breasts and buttocks; promised a promotion and even a “cheap car” in exchange for sexual liaisons; and prodded the women for sexual favors such as fellatio and a lap dance.

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