The pesticides glyphosate and dicamba, both in products produced by Bayer (which bought Monsanto in 2018) have made headlines in the past year as lawsuits mount against the company for damages from these products. 

Bayer has been sued over glyphosate for allegations that it causes cancer. Bayer has also been sued over allegations that dicamba damages crops. 

There are billion-dollar settlements collectively in these cases. 

Here’s a look at which term of the two was searched for most during the past 12 months on Google, according to Google Trends. 

North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota are the top states that searched for “dicamba” the most. 

“Dicamba ruling” and “dicamba ban” were among the top five terms people Googled. 

Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia are the top states that search for “glyphosate” the most. 

“What is glyphosate” and “Glyphosate in Food” are among the top five questions people Googled. 

Hover each state to see the breakdown

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