Nonpublic school program and its estimated amount for FY 2022

State and Federal School Lunch aid to nonpublic schools: $13,529,983

Nonpublic School Transportation: $8,997,091

Nonpublic School Text Books: $852,000

Share-time Students *: $1,314,591

Special Education Support from AEAs *: $57,475

Media and Education Services from AEAs **: $4,027,695

Estimated School Tuition Organization (STO) Tax Credit: $20,000,000

Estimated Tuition and Textbook Tax Credit: $25,001,527

Home School Assistance Program ***: $15,509,007

Accredited Nonpublic School Concurrent Enrollment: $1,000,000

529 Education Plan Expanded to K-12 Nonpublic Expenses: $14,300,000

TOTAL: $104,589,369

*Funded through the school aid formula and consists of State aid and local property taxes. AEA Special Education Support Services does not account for reduction in funding through statute.

**AEA Media and Ed. Services are funded with local property taxes through the school aid formula. This total does not account for reduction in funding through statute.

*** The Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) is a voluntary program through which districts can receive additional school aid funding to offer programming for home-schooled students. If a district offers HSAP, families of home-schooled students in the district may sign up to receive support from the school district, which must include contact between a licensed teacher and the family four times a quarter, half of which must be face-to-face with the student. The instructor can also advise the parent or guardian about lesson plans, pedagogical techniques, student evaluation, and other areas. For each student enrolled in HSAP, the district receives 0.3 weighting in the school aid formula.

Sources:  Legislative Services Agency, Department of Revenue, Department of Education

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