Nationwide, the price of a dozen eggs has more than doubled since last January. 

While almost all groceries have gotten more expensive due to inflation, egg prices have spiked largely due to another factor: avian influenza. 

In November 2022 alone, nearly 3 million egg-laying hens died or were killed due to avian influenza outbreaks, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report. Since February of 2022, 39.2 million hens have been lost. 

And while hen deaths were higher in the spring of 2022 compared to recent months, producers may still be hesitant to invest in their flocks given the lingering risk of disease, the USDA report said. 

In the Midwest, Iowa’s flocks were hit the hardest, but prices have remained lower in the Midwest than in other states, such as California. 

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