#AgAlerts: Atrazine; salmonella; Russian soybeans

According to a well-presented American Farm Bureau analysis released in October, U.S. farm income in 2019 will reach $88 billion, or the highest net farm income since 2014’s $92 billion, but it will still be a third lower than the record high in 2013.

Suspect lab records lead to recall; company declines expansion

Problems with a Washington-based company's Salmonella testing records caused USDA officials to recommend expanding an already massive nationwide recall. But the company -- Nutriom LLC, a producer of dehydrated-egg products -- declined to expand the recall. The decision consequently moved food safety officials to issue a public health alert.

Reporter’s guide: investigating meat, poultry and eggs

Multiple federal and state agencies have roles in the regulation of our food system. When a problem occurs, producers, consumers and even members of the media can have a hard time figuring out which agency to turn to for answers. While each specific case can have its nuances, here is a general guideline for the oversight process of domestic production and distribution of chicken and meat.

Two hospitalized from Salmonella contamination at Tennessee correctional facility

Recall announcements from this month reported that mechanically separated chicken produced by Tyson Foods recently caused seven people at a Tennessee correctional facility to become sick. Two of those people had to be hospitalized. The recall announcements also reported that a series of products had to be recalled because they were mislabeled and contained undeclared allergens.