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The industry wants to get gene edited cattle approved, but a recent discovery shows there’s a lot we don’t know about the process.

“The egg business has undergone massive changes in the last 45 years. Once predominantly represented by such small family farms, it began to shift heavily toward industrialization and more vertically integrated systems, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AGMRC). Where once a flock of 400 laying hens was the norm, industrial flocks today can top 5 million hens.”

“In a direct challenge to California regulators and Bay Area environmentalists, the Trump administration Thursday ordered companies to ignore state requirements that businesses warn customers if their products contain glyphosate, a weed killer that has been linked to cancer.”

It can be surprisingly complicated to consider the environmental impact of feedlot cattle vs. grass-fed cattle. “A number of past studies have found lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with the feedlot system.”

In response to author Carey Gillam’s book, “Monsanto paid Google to promote search results for “Monsanto Glyphosate Carey Gillam” that criticized her work.”

“The fusion center also produced detailed graphs on the Twitter activity of Neil Young, who released an album in 2015 called the Monsanto Years.”

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