Opinion: Another Ag Gag “law” bites the dust

North Carolina thought they had it wired – a Teflon ag-gag law –Chief Justice Thomas Schroeder wasn’t buying what ALEC, North Carolina attorney general, and North Carolina Farm Bureau were selling.

‘Ag-gag’ laws on the rise

State legislators throughout the country are passing laws aimed to protect farmers from individuals who use hidden cameras to record images without consent. Recently, Idaho became the first state to have both a modern-day farm protection law and an agriculture disparagement, or “veggie libel,” law.

Policymakers continue to push for new ag-gag laws

Supporters of increased privacy protection on agriculture sites pushed hard for "ag-gag" legislation in 2013, and this year appears to be no different. Policymakers in both Indiana and New Hampshire have already proposed forms of ag-gag legislation, or farm protection bills, that seek to prevent photographing or videotaping on farms without proper permission.